Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Tale of Two Duggars" Highlights

On this week's episode of "19 Kids and Counting...."
  • Jana added more cork boards to the commercial kitchen. The Duggars have hundreds of pictures of families they have met or who have seen them on TV, and they enjoy displaying them in their home. Send a photo, and you could be on their wall!
  • It's a special day for Josie Brooklyn --her first day of school! Michelle turned on an educational film for infants and sat by Josie's side while she watched.
  • Two large families, the Pinkertons and the Carpenters, came to visit the Duggars.
  • Jim Bob was headed to Nashville to snag a good deal on a used bus for the family. Jessa was kind enough to suggest that he take Jill, since she was the only "big kid" who had not gone on a trip in a while. 
  • According to his dad, "Jackson Duggar is kind of a lady's man." oooh la la! 
  • Everything is running smoothly in Josh and Anna's home. Anna says "I am thankful that Josh goes to work and I can stay home and be a mom and the wife." Josh's feelings are just the opposite -- he gets stressed out just thinking about all that Anna has to do at home and is thankful that he is able to work at the car lot -- although he loves spending evenings and weekends with Mackynzie, as well as the surprise visits that she and Anna make to daddy's office. 
  • Even though she has had nineteen little ones, Michelle is experiencing new challenges with Josie. "Typically I don't have babies that spit up," says the mom of 19, explaining just one of the many differences between Josie and her siblings. 
What did you think of this week's episode? Do your infants/toddlers watch educational films?


  1. I thought it was really sweet of Jessa to suggest that Jill go with her dad. I've noticed that Jill stays at home alot with the children I think she is very domesticated and a sweet girl. Its good to see her get to go somewhere:)

  2. Hello Duggar Family,

    What can I say. [ laugh ] Well, I love your show and I love looking at your websites. When I discide to get on the computer or watch TV, It's all about you. [ laugh ] Ummm...Your show has change my life for the better. I started going back to church and thinking about my choices In life. You are all blessing from God. I hope you all are doing well and Godbless you.

  3. I agree, Whitney. The Duggar kids are so thoughtful and kind to each other.

  4. My 3rd child is absolutely addicted to Baby Einstein. Even when he was just 10 months old, sometimes he would cry and only Baby Einstein videos would make him happy. Now he's 16 months, and instead of growing out of it and moving on to other videos, he's learned to turn it on by himself! I don't know if he's learning or not...I really just use it for entertainment.

  5. I don't think that babies and children under two should watch tv, and then only a little bit. I didn't watch tv as a very young child except for when my dad was left to take care of me, and my mom would come home to find him asleep and me on his lap staring at Star Trek! That wasn't too often though. I think that if you ARE going to do it though, you'd better stay with your child and be interacting with them. I don't have children, but I think that a almost-no-tv approach is best as a very young child and then not much after age two. I pretty much only watched Mr. Rogers and Mr. Dressup as a little kid.

  6. I always enjoy watching your show. My favorite part each show it hearing Mom's voice. So soft and sweet and patient. That's my very favorite part!

    A specific thing that I enjoyed this week was hearing Jessa suggest to her dad that he take Jill along with him. I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful of her.

    I just love your family!

  7. Since my own children watched TV some evenings and turned out just fine, I fail to find fault with it. They loved 'The Brady Bunch' which was all about a blended family of 6 children of various ages getting along. Yes, I would probably use Baby Einstein...what is the harm in small doses? What I think the Duggars need to do is to get going with Jackson's education. He can't read, and wonders if Monkey starts with a J? He's a sweet little boy, but Johannah is going to greatly out distance him soon. I would not be surprised if she can read already.

  8. Just saying, the last bullet point is grammatically incorrect. Read it again and you'll realize that it sounds like Josie has 19 kids, not Michelle. The correct way to phrase the sentence is: Even though she's had 19 kids, Michelle is having new experiences and challenges with Josie.

    This is not mean-spirited. I love your blog. I just don't want your sentences to sound misleading. People make that mistake all the time.

  9. @Anonymous

    Thanks for catching that, Anonymous! We're usually pretty good with grammar, but that sentence definitely needed rewording. What would we do without loyal readers like you?

    Have a blessed day,
    Lily and Ellie


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