Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Testy Duggars" Highlights

  • When Jana and John-David Duggar returned from their life-changing mission trip to Southeast Asia, the rest of the family greeted them with Silly String. 
  • Jennifer, the chatterbox who just turned 3, is potty training! The cutest moment of the show? When she recited her baby sister's full name, Dosie Bo-hin Duddor (aka Josie Brooklyn Duggar). Adorable!
  • The older Duggar girls took a First Response class with John-David. Jana and Jill might be interested in joining the volunteer fire department.
  • 17-year-old Jessa celebrated her high school graduation with a party and a framed diploma.
  • Michelle took Josie to Little Rock for her "well baby" checkup. Josie was pronounced healthy and is being weaned off of oxygen.
What did you think of tonight's show? Josie sure is gettin' big! It's hard to believe that her chubby legs were once tiny enough to sport Jim Bob's wedding ring!


  1. That was such great news that Josie is being weaned off the oxygen! Wow! God is good!

    Susan V

  2. I can't believe that Jana and John David are 20 years old! I love watching this show because I love the great example this family gives. All the kids are so close to each other.I have four kids and one on the way and I hope they have that kind of bond.
    Kerry C

  3. I really identify with Jana because she's the same age as me-although a few months older. The older duggar children always seem mature for their age, unlike so many people between 15-22 that I see (just go to any mall and see kids being super annoying, irritating, irresponsible and disruptive...)

  4. This family is such a blessing to watch. I have learned so much through their television show and book. I don't watch tv, but I make the exception for this show!

    Brie W

  5. I am so glad Josie will be getting off oxygen for 2 hours a day. What a blessing!

  6. Dying to know the name of the song the Duggar girls are singing while playing the piano............
    ...sounds like the words are
    "the sun shines brightly" and that is all I could figure out but I just love that song..........


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