Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Hills Are Alive!

"The hills are alive with the sound of music!" Does that ring a bell? Did you know that "The Sound of Music" is on the Duggars' list of best films ever made? Just last year, Jim Bob and Michelle and the kids met Sophia, Melanie, Amanda, and Justin Von Trapp, the great-grandchildren of Captain and Maria Von Trapp, at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.  The Von Trapp Children (aka JAMS) spread the joy of music around the world.

Have you seen the Sound of Music? Did you enjoy it?


  1. I love the Sound of Music. It's one of my favorite movies. Julie Andrews has such a great voice. Great family film.

  2. Our family's favorite movie ever. We've seen it so many times that we can say almost all the lines right along with the characters!

  3. That was a cool episode - where they also met Kirk Cameron!

    It's so neat that the Von Trapp Children have inherited the singing talent of their great-grandparents. I have seen The Sound of Music (and have a copy myself). :) It's neat that you mentioned it because it is actually next on my list of DVDs to watch!

  4. One of my favourites as well. It was the first musical I saw, when I was five years old :)


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