Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Duggars Say Cheese" Highlights

Boy has this week been busy, but we finally found time to type up the "Duggars Say Cheese" recap......

This week on "19 Kids and Counting:"
  • After consuming 50 ounces of hair products, the Duggars drove to the on-site shop building for their annual photo shoot.
  • Scott Enlow, the Duggar's ever-patient photographer, spent the day reminding the kids to smile and sit up straight. "Family group shots are hard for us because the little kids don't always want to smile, and someone's pickin' their nose, or whatever," says Jessa. Less than 30 minutes before sundown,  the photo shoot was finished (thank goodness!), and the Duggars were able to go home.
  • Josie showed off her adorable "#19" onesie, sent to the Duggars by ones of their faithful fans. 
  • Jordyn, who is always trying to "pet" her little sister, spent some quality time with mommy and Josie.
  • Josie went in for another checkup and had two shots. She is only a bit taller than her brother Josh was at birth, but by age two, there should be no difference between her and any other two-year-old.
Have you ever done a family photo shoot?


  1. I never miss any episode of your show.I never wanted children by waching your show I realize how special kids now I wanna have kids but not 90

  2. I think that Scott must be pretty talented to get the great photos he does in just one day.

    We have a family, thus far, of 6. My children are ages 7, 5, 3, and 1. We have done a group shot, mom and dad together, and each child individually and it has taken 2 hours.

  3. My Husband and I really really REALLY want to have a family...and yes, The Duggar family have helped me realize that family is much more important than we may think. I pray God will bless my Husband and I with at least 5 children...that is my hearts desire, and all for God's Kingdom! :)

  4. Wasn't it a wonderful idea to shoot the family in smaller groups and then put those groups together? Next time I want to do group shots I am going to try that! Scott certainly knows those kids!!


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