Thursday, August 12, 2010

Duggars Go Hollywood Highlights

Just got back from a short vacation, so here are the highlights of this week's "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars Go Hollywood:
  1. Jim Bob and the kids traveled over 20 hours to Albany, Georgia to be on the set of the movie Courageous. When the film rolls into theaters in 2011, watch for the Duggars in the funeral scene and in the father-son 5k race.
  2.  Michelle, who is spending 24/7 with Josie in Little Rock, is loving the 1 on 1 time with her baby but is missing the hustle and bustle of a house full of Duggars. This is the longest time Jim Bob and Michelle have been apart since they met almost 30 years ago.
  3. Josie continues to thrive 
  4. When the Duggars were filmed in the Courageous funeral scene, they discovered that Joy-Anna is a skilled crier; she can turn her tears on and off. Wow! Can you do that?
  5. On their life-changing mission trip to Asia, Jana and John-David went through 5 different airports and 4 different countries in only 48 hours. 


    1. Thanks for the update!! I missed the episode :( Hope you had a great vacation! God bless,Deb

    2. Wow! This sounds like a really good and interesting episode. It might be some time before we get it here in England though. Over here Josie hasn't even been conceived yet!

    3. To Jim Bob and Michelle: The way you have chosen to raise up your children should be a pattern for any parent!! I love the way you center your family around the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!!! Hopefully someday, i can run into you all somewhere!!! What an amazing experience that will be!!! God Bless You All!!!

    4. Ooh, it sounds like it was a great episode! I don't have cable, so I wasn't able to watch it when it aired. I can't wait till Courageous comes out; I really enjoy the Kendrick brothers' films. And lastly...that is a really neat talent that Joy-Anna has!! Perhaps an actress in the making? ;)

    5. Do any of you guys know a free website so that way i can see the episode. Besides Youtube. THANIKS!1

      God BLess,
      Emily Ramthun


    6. I know that you can watch some of episodes on, but they usually aren't posted until at least 1 week after they air.

    7. I love all of the Sherwood Pictures movies, so it was really cool to see the Duggars on the set!

      Lauren G

    8. My hope was that another reason for the mission trip is because John David is interested in Priscilla Keller. What better way to get better acquainted than a well chaperoned mission trip? Perhaps it was just wishful thinking since nothing has been announced and both are old enough to court by Duggar standards. Wouldn't it be wonderful for both Keller girls to have a sister nearby?


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