Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"19 Kids and Counting" Highlights

The first new episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" in over 2 months! What did you think?
Here are some highlights from the shows (Duggar Dilemmas and Digesting Duggars):
  • The doctors finally solved Josie Duggars's digestive issues after discovering that she was simply lactose intolerant. They put her on lactose-free formula, and within 24 hours she was a new baby. 
  • Johannah climbed a tree and sneakily plucked an egg from a birds nest.
  • Jim Bob and the kids headed home to Springdale, Arkansas. Can you guess how much stuff they had to move? The word "lots" doesn't even begin to describe the 1500 shirts, 500 pairs of pants, and 2 tons of furniture that they carted back to Northwest Arkansas. Yes, you read those numbers right!
  • Jordyn-Grace is now running! When they moved to Little Rock in December, she was only crawling. 
  • Josh and Anna expanded their business -- they now have 2 car lots.
  • The Duggars shipped Jana and John-David off on a month-long mission trip to Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia)
  • John-David, a volunteer fireman, was sent on a call just 1 hour before he and Jana needed to leave for the airport. Good thing it was a false alarm! 
  • Jill turned 19!


  1. I enjoyed watching the bringing home of baby Josie and the departure of the two on their mission trip. I hope that TLC went with them to film their trip!

  2. Was excited to see how the family was doing. A little disheartened that Michelle stopped giving her milk to baby Josie. My son was also lactose intolerant and all I needed to do was completely cut out lactose of my diet. It was difficult but worth giving my little man the perfect food that God has provided for him. I'm sure they followed dr. orders. Will continue to enjoy the encouragement from their show!

  3. I was a little surprised, but the doctors and or nutrition specialists probably explained that this was the easiest and most sure way to prevent Josie from having problems with lactose. Hopefully, they will disappear as she grows older. In the meantime, she did receive about four months worth of important qualities from the breast milk such as antibodies and other good things! 11 pounds, 6 oz, she is starting to catch up!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jill!!!
    Thats amazing! I want to go on a mission trip so badly!

  5. jana & John-David in M'sia?
    i'd love to meet them!

  6. when will jana & john david be in m'sia?
    i'd like to meet them!
    btw, lactose intolerent happens to many malaysian kids, probably because most of us mum are not diligent breastfeeder (so most babies are formula fed). don't worry, they tend to outgrow it by the age of 2. meanwhile, most parents will rely on soy-based formula

  7. I believe that Jana and John-David are already home from their mission trip to Asia. The show is several weeks behind real time.

  8. I just love watching new episodes! I was an only child until my half-brother was born 2 days before I turned 12, so I never really had that family closeness. I'm very close to my brother now that we're both adults, but with the huge age difference I always felt like an only child when I was younger and was always lonely. I wish I had a lot of siblings, like the Duggars! I am now married, but don't have any kids of my own because I have MS and can't imagine raising kids when I feel so sick all the time. I never got my big family, so I watch the Duggars on TV instead! Amberly H

  9. Their numbers are ridiculous! There is no way! 1500 shirts averages out to 75 shirts per person. I doubt that! We have 10 kids & we done the "live-in-another-town-for-6-months" thing. It wouldn't require 100 especially when there are so many kids that can share clothes. Knowing how practical & resourceful they are, I would guess someone just picked an outrageous number & just expected people to believe it.


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