Saturday, April 27, 2013

Duggar Daughters Deliver

Jana and Jill Duggar pay a visit to one of their clients' homes to prepare for her upcoming labor and delivery:


  1. really neat! i love Jana and Jill! they are all so sweet.

  2. way to go girls..good luck sounds like an amazing team.

  3. I had 3 homebirths. Yay for midwives!

    1. Such wonderful young ladies

  4. What a wonderful thing u 2 are doing!!!? All of the Duggars are just great peofple!!!!! If more people were like the Duggars what a wonderful world this would be!!!!!.

  5. May GOD bless each & everyone of you

  6. So nice to see. Here in Holland we have our standerd check-ups and also our births guided by midwives and if it is not nescecarry (no medical indication) we usaully give birth at home. Way to go girls! Natural births!!


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