Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recap: Pushups, Planting, Coffee, and Caricatures

19 Kids and Counting "Pushups and Planting"...
  • To lose weight, Jim Bob and Josh start working out with former NFL Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Steve Conley, who also happens to be a friend of a friend.
  • "He scares me somewhat," says Josh. "I didn't have any kind of form, no physical fitness whatsoever. It's very embarrassing. My body has no idea what I'm trying to do."
  • Steve's first order of business is to outlaw tater tot casserole, fried chicken, and sweet tea. Then he tells Jim Bob and Josh to "take that silly stuff off and go put some workout clothes on."
  • Back at the house, Michelle--a big believer in hands-on learning--and the kids plant a garden as part of a homeschool lesson.
  • To entertain themselves on a windy day, the little ones design kites out of black garbage bags, something that Josh and John-David did when they were kids.
  • "Whatever the big ones enjoy doing, the little ones will pick it up and learn how to do it," says Michelle.
  • When one of their client's water breaks, Jill and Jana head out to deliver her baby. Parents Alden and Heather couldn't be happier with their birthing team, and their new baby girl!
19 Kids and Counting "Coffee and Caricatures"...
  • Jessa and Jinger prepare to volunteer at Mama Carmen's Espresso Cafe. The money they raise will be used to purchase school uniforms for an orphanage in Guatemala. The girls invite all their friends and family members to come and support the cause and enlist their younger siblings to create a donations jar.
  • They arrive at the coffee shop at 5:30 a.m. to learn how to use the cash register and make a variety of different drinks (coffee, espresso, lattes, smoothies, tea, cappuccino, etc).
  • Being somewhere at 5:30 a.m. is no small feat for members of this super-sized family. If you are a fan of the Duggars, you know they are not morning people. "I believe if God wanted us to see the sunrise, He would have scheduled it later on in the day," says Jessa.
  • Jinger, the family's biggest coffee fan, consumes two large cups of coffee and an unknown amount of espresso while working at Mama Carmen's.
  • "For a while there she was drinking like 3 cups a day," says Jessa. Jinger says she needs coffee to maintain her bubbly personality but is currently trying to bring it down to two cups a day.
  • Jessa is pickier when it comes to coffee. "We're working on her, though," says Jinger.
  • Cousin Amy is the first customer of the day. She orders a chocolate chip tea and then returns a few hours later with Grandma Duggar. "I need my second coffee fix," says Amy.
  • While behind the counter, Jessa and Jinger fill the coffee shop's largest order yet. Can you guess who it is for? That's right, Jim Bob and Michelle bring the entire family in to order drinks, a process that takes 10 minutes.
  • "Of course we just don't want them interacting with too many guys," jokes Jim Bob, who is confident in his daughters' abilities.
  • "Nobody ever complained, so we don't know if we messed up or not," says Jessa. "I think we got all the orders right. I'm sure we made mistakes, but they were gracious."
  • How much money do the girls end up raising? $1,010.41
  • "When you're giving to other people, you can't help but be blessed yourself," says Jessa.
  • Meanwhile, Jackson and Johannah are raising money of their own. Inspired by the artists they saw in Japan, the two Duggars are drawing caricatures to earn money for a baby gift for Josh and Anna. Each picture costs $1, and they raise a total of $10.


  1. I see these new episodes as a changing point for the Duggars. Life is not all encompassed with giving birth. In that I mean there is life in there between giving birth. This show has been so focused on giving birth. I wanted to hug the guy that trainer to death that demanded Josh and Jim Bob go change into workout clothes. God never said men must wear jeans 100% of the time in order to be modest. ANd when the trainer ruled out TATOR TOT CASSEROLE, I thought my heart would give out completely. I remember I stated I couldn't believe in a million years that is what the Duggars served Dr. Stanley and you can see from the episode, he barely touched it. Talk about unhealthy. Throw that recipe out and ask for forgiveness.

  2. The only criticism I have is that I think the teams should have been divided into EQUAL girl and boy teams--one growing the seeds and the other team planting them. I didn't like the part about boys competing against girls. And I absolutely DEPLORE hearing "little ones" and "big ones" referring to children. The Duggars have an opportunity now to be an example to grandparents and to grandchildren. They don't need to adopt anymore. They have their hands full already with what I perceive God has placed upon them as their new mission and that is to teach the world about nutrition and fitness. I pray for Michelle to be able to accept her childbearing days are over and to see her mission in life with what she already has. It is hard to make that change and to accept it.

  3. That Marshall kid from the coffee shop seemed pretty interested in Jinger. He was in most shots with her. But that could of course be because he wanted to make sure the coffee was up to par and that she didn't drink too much!

  4. These episodes were not as interesting. I guess im partial to josh and anna lol, but I know its not all about them. I thought it was interesting how they showed the birth on tv and how the girls dealt with it. I def think jill is in her calling, but jana looked uncomfortable.

  5. Love both Epsiodes josh and Jim bib had me cracking up their trainer is tough ! Love Michele saw an chance to turn something the kids were interesting in into a bible a lesson and had it fun for the kids . I have to say the season seems differant lots of growing up and change kinda bitter sweet

  6. Jana has had her ears pierced! None of the Duggar girls have ever worn earrings except for Anna and Mackynzie! I saw Jana wearing pink dangling earrings in one of the episodes.

  7. @Anonymous 10:50PM - with regard to your comment about praying that Michelle accepts that her childbearing days are over, I think she already has. Listen to her voice-over in the intros. The video hasn't been updated from last season, but the script has changed slightly but significantly. In introducing Josie, Michelle says, "... and FINALLY, our youngest daughter, Josie". A subtle acknowledgement that she's hung up her maternity clothes for good? I think so.

  8. http://mizpickles.blogspot.comApril 17, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    Yeah, I loved it when the trainer dissed the tater tot casserole...altho I have to admit I like to have a slab of that every once in awhile! I'm glad when they do these charitable events because it's great publicity for organizations that need the support...whatever people think about the Duggars tooting their own horns, they are definitely helping out in that way. Jill and Jana (?) are so calm in the delivery arena, they are really a blessing to the couples they help. I loved that those guys in the coffee shop were obviously delighted seeing those pretty sisters in action. They really are attractive young women and I think it's great that they get out of the lockup every once in awhile and experience that! Plus the guys were cute too! Peace out!

  9. I love the Duggar family! Having watched the show for years, I am always blessed by them. My only concern is with the recurrent theme of homebirth on the show. MANY research articles (see Skeptical Ob for a good overview of links to research articles you can read and then judge the merits of for yourself) show the increased risks to an infant and mother when homebirth with a *CPM* is performed (or homebirth in general).

    Oregon's public stats show an 8X increased risk of death. I REALLY pray that the Duggar girls consider pursuing a CNM designation (the US is the ONLY country with a CPM designation, and lower threshold for training).

    As a CNM the Duggar girls will have greater personal liability protection, enhanced professional training, and broader birth training experiences.

    I am pro-homebirth in well categorized low risk mothers, who understand the increased risks of complications at a homebirth.

    I would hate to see one of the Duggar girls become the poster child for a negligent homicide charge (this is coming...).

    ALSO - please don't bother responding with how safe CPM homebirth is, how I am un-researched, or how I have bought into the big-pharma, big-obstetrics etc... I won't respond. I have a Graduate degree. I understand stats, have read everything from the Feminist Breeder, to the SOB. I dislike some aspects of big-pharma and of hospital birth, and am fascinated by how we process risk.

    My **only purpose** in this post is to try and encourage the Duggar girls to pursue a safer form of midwifery training, and why would you not??!!

  10. Hi Lily and Ellie!
    I was wondering how many of the duggar girls have their ears pierced? Thanks! :)

  11. My concern with the dieting issue especially if they want to set an example is that it looks like they are just doing a strict diet for a set period of time that they will then drop instead of making a lifestyle change like it seems that Michelle has. I say this because its an issue that I am working on in my own life. Instead of devoting your day to killer workouts, incorporate a daily exercize program that you gradually increase, maybe tackle a physical task such as adding on to Josh's house(in their house building days they weren't fat) also instead of giving up tater tot casserole, eat a normal sized serving occasionally with a big salad. It's actually more of a mindset issue, but if they want to succeed and st that example I hope they think about it. I say this in no way to criticize the Duggars, but to point out a reason that dieting goes wrong

  12. They need to let the girls out more to socialize with guys. How else do you meet people? An arranged marriage? Do they really want their daughters to be 30 and single? I suspect Jana will be single and working for her family forever. She has so much responsibility there I really can't imagine her leaving and starting her own family and "leaving" all her little siblings behind who view her as a 2nd mom.
    But who knows, one never knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  13. I have been a lurker here for a while. I am very thankful for your hard work in keeping up this blog. The Duggars must trust you since they share so much of their precious photos and truth with you.

    I, too, am glad that Mr. Duggar and Josh have been enlightened about their weight. It is not about what they look like, but about their health, and that is very important - for their families whom they support and for their own usefulness in the Kingdom for years to come!

    I hope they keep it up, and that their families make the sacrifices necessary as well, so they are not alone in this or tempted by having to see the others eating what they aren't allowed.

    Thanks again!

  14. I though the filming of the birth was done nicely. Shoot modesty goes out the door when giving birth,but the filming was done when we did not see anything we should not see. When Anna gave birth to Michael, she was fully clothed,in the birth tub fully clothed,on the bed and couch fully clothed. I think this was making it harder for her to deliver. I hope Anna takes some tips from this deliver. If they plan on filming her next birth, they do not have to film everything and she can have some privacy to be comfortable for the delivery.

  15. I wonder if JimBob and Michelle will adopt children in the future. They are great parents with lots of love to give. Grandma Duggar looks a bit tired. Its good to be active at that age but Grandma must have friends that she can hang out and relax with. God Bless her for doing a lot of the Duggar laundry. I think JimBob should help lighten Grandmas load a little and let her have some fun times. Does anyone know if Grandma Duggar has her own added on apartment to the Duggar Home, which would at least give her some privacy and a safehaven to steal away to when she wants to get some rest.

  16. I was wondering why my past posts were edited and rewrittened. There was nothing written in them that was in poor taste? If its bandwidth I understand but I was disappointed at how much the posts were edited.

  17. I am glad things are changing up a bit! I am glad about all the duggars do but I'm glad they are trying new things and expaning with things too. Glad the trainer made them change clothes. It would be cool if one of the girls wore chakis or jeans for once! Do any of the other girls wear earrings? Need to update the episodes too! You guys should make a smart phone app for this!

  18. Did anyone happen to catch what the couple that Jill and Jana helped with their delivery, named their daughter? I couldn't hear it very well at the end it was something in Gaelic that meant fire and also a biblical name.

  19. The name of the baby they delivered is Eithne. Pronounced "ith-nee".

  20. @annonymous thank you!(:

  21. I am surprised that no one mentioned Jinger and the coffee addiction. She said she needed coffee to maintain her bubbly personality.

    I think any time someone says they have to have a drug (caffeine in this case) to maintain their personality, that is a warning sign.

  22. Jinger was joking! Lighten up people!

  23. I thought it was interesting how Jinger' seemed more open and happy on the coffee shop. She said "it's all good- ya know" I thought oh wow she sounds like a regular teenager. I wish we could see more of that on the show.


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