Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love & Marriage Recap

On tonight's episode of 19 Kids and Counting, "Love & Marriage"...
  • To connect as a couple after 28.5 years of marriage, Jim Bob and Michelle head to Puerto Rico for a marriage retreat. "It's always good to make a good thing better," says Michelle. She and Jim Bob are away from their children only a few nights a year.
  • As the Duggars run out the door to catch their plane, Michelle reminds Grandma and the girls to set a timer every 20 minutes for potty training.
  • When asked what he and Michelle hope to get out of the marriage retreat, Jim Bob jokingly responds, "number 20!"
  • What does Michelle say is the most annoying thing Jim Bob does? He "plays basketball" with his sweaty, wadded up socks every night.
  • What habit of Michelle's does Jim Bob find frustrating? When he calls her over to show her something, she often stops to clean up a mess or put something away. By the time, she makes it over to where Jim Bob is, the thing he wants to show her is gone.
  • Is Michelle a nagging wife? "Michelle really doesn't nag," says Jim Bob. "She just lovingly encourages me."
  • In Puerto Rico, Jim Bob and Michelle meet with relationship coaches Chris and Anne Hogan. Michelle shares what's on her heart: she says she and Jim Bob need to work on their communication.
  • Back at home, Grandma and the older girls enjoy spending time with the younger kids while Jim Bob and Michelle are away. One morning, Anna brings over a delicious breakfast of Nutella, toast, and fruit.
  • The four oldest girls (Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger) speak at a birthday party while Grandma watches the little ones. She even plays a few games of foursquare with the kids.
  • At the birthday party, the girls talk about relationships with boys and courtship (aka "dating with a purpose").
  • Are there any Duggar courtships in the works? Jill says no. According to Jessa, the girls are in the "observing stage" but are not yet emotionally attached to any guys.
  • On day two of their marriage retreat, Jim Bob and Michelle go snorkeling for their first time ever. Michelle is dressed in a WholesomeWear swimsuit, and Jim Bob wears Jeans cut off at the knee.
  • On another day, the Duggars go zip lining. At 4745 feet long, La Bestia ("The Beast") is one of the longest ziplines in the world, and it is 853 feet off the ground. "I don't ever want to do that again," says Jim Bob afterwards. "Yeah me either," agrees Michelle.
  • The day Mom and Dad are due to return home, Grandma and the kids are in heavy-duty cleaning mode. When it comes to cleaning, some of the kids are more thorough than others, says Jana.
  • The Duggars also discuss adoption. According to Michelle, they are praying about it and waiting to see what God has in store for their family. 


  1. Skirts and curlsMay 1, 2013 at 1:05 AM

    I loved this episode! It showed that michelle and jim bob have weaknesses too! It was neat to see them in puerto rico.

  2. tell us when its online for US viewers! Thanks!! :)

  3. Can't wait to see it (IN GOOD QUALITY) on youtube! :-)

  4. Watched it! I enjoyed this episode, it was real, funny, and encouraging. Jim Bob cracks me up!

  5. Enjoyed this episode. Michelle and Jim Bob are vulnerable and show they have issues in their marriage. But they are such an inspiration (even with as many children as they have) to work on the marriage and have fun together. Also loved the older daughters speaking about purity and purposeful courtship to other girls. In an age of anything goes, my husband and I really enjoy watching some clean, encouraging TV!

  6. @Annontmous-"clean" TV??? With that much talk about sex, making babies, "physical" side of what men are focused on in a marriage and constant kissing; it's hardly clean. Any pre-teen on up may have many questions and lots of embarrassed rolling eyes!!!

  7. This was fantastic! Michelle and Jim Bob were so genuine in this episode! The kids were truly real, in that they can be messy and test boundaries. I LOVED it!, they have been through so much, and the public tends to forget that. They are real people with real emotion, and their love of Jesus helps sustain them. Excellent!

  8. I agree fully it was a great episode!

  9. While watching this episode, I noticed that Justins pupils were different sizes. Is this why he was wearing an eye patch in the other clips I wonder. I hope all is well with him.

  10. I really wish JimBob would stop talking about making number 20 with Michelle. It must embarass Michelle to hear him imply that he and Michelle will have sexual relations, to the whole world. One would think that this part of a marriage is personal and between the couple. What goes on in their bedroom stays in their bedroom. I think Jimbob is being insensitive to Michelle and infringing on her modesty.
    They preach modesty to their children especially the girls and their form of dress so why should Jimbob spill the beans on his and Michelles sex life. I am sure the kids are educated enough on this topic.
    I also hope that my message is not rewritten and modify to become a comment here.
    I love Michelle and Jimbob but I wish Jimbob would leave his sexual innunendoes off the tv and keep his love life between him and Michelle.

    1. I agree completely NY Fan. Well put.

  11. I see that Jim Bob is still balling up his dirty socks and playing basketball with them.

  12. It is funny how the girls are in observation mode, but it appears they are only looking at the guys faults and making judgements based on that. Well, that is one way to keep the girls not courting for awhile. ;-)

  13. Can you even begin to imagine a divorce and being left custody to raise 18 children still left at home by yourself? Makes Kate Plus Eight's life sound like a walk in the park!

  14. @NY Fan, I wholeheartedly agree! kind of hypocritical to espouse a view of modesty while always making your marriage bed the butt of all jokes!!!

  15. Agree. My whole family watches this show but there have been many times this season where I have had to turn it off for the younger viewers. Lots of sex jokes and too many births which makes family cowering a hard situation.

  16. The Duggars need to stop airing the sex talk, both parents and children. It appears lately this family is all about sex talk.

  17. I don't get it at all. This family seems to be all about sex lately.

  18. they have 19 kids. is it a secret they have sex? and if your preteen hasnt had the talk about sex yet you're in denial, and their classmates, friends or not, have probably already taught them what is your sacred obligation. they're never distasteful in their talks in which sex is brought uo, its done with respect and truthfulness.

  19. I enjoy the Duggars very much and find them to be a refreshing take on a portion of our society. Their children and grands are being raised with values & manners and respect. A far cry from some of the other extremes in reality TV. Thank you for your blog and thanks to TLC for showing their family. I enjoy EVERY episode & always look forward to the next.


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