Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Duggar-Style Biggest Loser: Treadmill Test

Before starting their 90-day weight loss challenge, Jim Bob and Josh take a treadmill test, also known as a stress test. Watch how they do in the video below:


  1. Haha... "I DID beat Josh's time!" :D

    It must just be me, cause that stress test doesn't look all that hard! :P

  2. Is there any link the blog can provide to watch the last two eps from outside the US? Please!!
    Question: why does jim bob wear jeans when exercising??

  3. @Danae-it has been documented in the past that the Duggar males wear pants for modesty reasons (albeit, one boy wore shorts during a race and Josh wore shorts in this episode). It would be more sensible for him to wear workout pants if he doesn't want to show his legs!

  4. Well, he probably wants to remain modest, even while he is exercising. We shouldn't lower our standards for anything. Would you want Jesus to come back while you are wearing something dishonoring to HIM ???

  5. Jesus wore a sheet and loin cloth.


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