Monday, April 8, 2013

Season 7 Highlights

Coming up in season 7 of 19 Kids and Counting...

Jim Reveals the Gender of Grand-Duggar #3
Find out how Jim the sound guy unveiled the gender of Josh and Anna's third child, a boy due on June 7th.

"We didn't know the results," Josh told People Magazine. "But we gave them [from the doctor] to the sound guy, Jim, and he planned out this very unique reveal. It caught us off guard in a time and place we least expected."

The Biggest Loser, Duggar Style

Jim Bob (47) and Josh (25) recently embarked on a competition to see who could lose the most weight. The competition ended on April 1st. Who do you think will be the crowned the winner?

"I got back from Asia and looked at myself on camera and realized something had to change," Josh, who then weighed 238 lbs., told People.

Jim Bob knew he needed to slim down when he could no longer keep up with Michelle-who joined Weight Watchers a few years back, lost 40 lbs, and now exercises on the elliptical almost every morning. At 220 lbs., Jim Bob admitted that he "wasn't feeling that great."

What's their secret? Healthier choices and exercise. "I have learned not to grab that bag of potato chips or all that stuff full of sugar," Josh told People.

The initial workout plan, created by Joseph (18), was followed by personal training sessions with former NFL Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Steve Conley.

In addition to staying healthy, Josh hopes to be a positive example to his kids. "My daughter [Mackynzie] didn't tell me I was fat," he told People. "But now she thinks I have strong muscles. I know I need to set an example of being healthy for my children."


  1. Can't wait to see how the gender was reveal they r always so creative and I'm proud of the duggars for being health conscience I'm trying to b start better habits as well and lose some weight

  2. Well, the family won't get there with all the processed junk food they buy for snacks.

  3. Not just Josh. Remember how many readers out here speculated Anna was pregnant months and months before she really was?

  4. I have found the best way to keep from overindulging in what we refer to in my house as "sometimes foods" (yes, I have toddlers!) is to just not buy it.

  5. I totally agree with Anonymous@12:18. Their diets are atrocious.

  6. Anna name your boy Miles, and your girl Molly.
    Keep the M names. So the next child will not feel out of of place with out a M name.

  7. I think they both, and Josh and Anna, started living on their own, without parents, and it created a lot of food temptations - they now could try and eat everything they wanted, they had their own life, own income... Also, when there is no motivation to keep in a great shape, people start gaining weight. They already got married, have settled life, so for them there is no need to like attract a future spouse and so on. Now of course, there are health concerns, and it can be a motivation.


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