Monday, April 22, 2013

Duggars in D.C.

While in Washington D.C. this weekend, Josh and Anna and the kids visited the National Zoo, Georgetown Cupcake, and the National Mall (photos below). Now, the entire Duggar family is headed to Big Sandy, Texas, for the ATI Regional Conference (click here for details).

Mackynzie, Anna, Michael, and Josh Duggar
National Zoo in Washington D.C.

At Georgetown Cupcake

Mackynzie Duggar looks forward to eating her cupcake

Did you know that D.C. is only one of Georgetown Cupcake's seven locations?
There are two in New York City and one in Boston, Bethesda (Maryland), Los Angeles, and Atlanta

Filming for 19 Kids and Counting at the National Mall

Film crew, hard at work

Microphone check

Preparing the cameras

Family picture with a mounted police at the National Mall

*Photos courtesy of Josh and Anna Duggar


  1. A Happy Birthday wish to the new teenager in the family...God Bless!
    with love, Olga Rivas <3

  2. sounds like they had a ton of fun! (Anna looks great!!)

  3. Anna looks amazing! Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Does anyone know if Josh & Anna are moving to D.C.? Did Josh get a job there?

  5. nice photo's. I hardly ever see Michael happy or smiling though

    1. Anonymous 10:56 He doesn't seem to interested or impressed in what's going on. I've been around kids like before

    2. Michael is a happy boy. If there's a quick picture not all children smile unless you keep telling them too.

  6. i love anna's outfits! she looks great!

  7. Has Josh sold his used car business?

  8. Love the pictures! So great they visited Georgetown Cupcakes- have seen the show- look so yummy!

  9. I was at the national mall last Saturday!!! I missed them by a week!

  10. Looking good Josh! Looks like your training is working. Anna you look fantastic as well. Filming looks like a lot of work, hope you had a great time in DC.

    God Bless

  11. I live in MD but was JUST in DC at the zoo on Monday! I can't believe I missed them!!

  12. You can tell Josh lost weight his face looks thinner.

  13. Anna is pregnant?
    If so, Congrats!
    If not, then sorry!

  14. @Anonymous

    Hi Tara,

    Josh and Anna are expecting their third child, a boy, on June 7th.

    ~Lily and Ellie:)


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