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19 Kids and Counting "Duggar Weight Loss Challenge"...
  • Michelle prepares Cincinnati chili (chili made with cinnamon and served over noodles) for the kids before she and Jim Bob head out for a double date with Josh and Anna. Jim Bob and Josh go for the fried foods, and Jim Bob's meal alone contains 1500 calories and 60 grams of fat.
  • According to Anna, both she and Josh have gone up a pant size with each year of marriage; they will celebrate their fifth anniversary this September.   
  • Encouraged by their wives, Jim Bob and Josh decide they need to make a major lifestyle change and embark on a 90-day challenge to see who can lose the most weight.
  • "My dad is gonna get smaller!" says Josie.
  • Josh's primary motivation for improving his physical fitness is to be a good role model for his kids. Anna says she will do everything in her power to ensure that he wins the competition.
  • The middle boys build a greenhouse in the Duggars' backyard, while Jim Bob and Josh set up a home gym in one of Jim Bob's storage sheds. The rest of the family comes by to help clean up and make motivational posters.
  • "We believe it's important to be there for each other," says Michelle. "By supporting and rallying around an individual, it strengthens the whole family as a unit."
  • "It's really neat having our whole family involved in this," says Jim Bob.
  • Jim Bob and Josh ask Joseph, who works out every day, for help. "I think these guys need a trainer," says Joseph, who puts his dad and oldest brother through the wringer with a 60-minute workout.
  • "The next morning, I had muscles hurting I didn't even know I had," says Jim Bob. "I think every muscle in my body hurts.
  • Jim Bob and Josh head to the doctor for a full examination, which includes a stress tests. "After a few minutes, that thing became like a torture chamber," says Josh, who makes it 10 minutes and 45 seconds on the treadmill. "I really pushed it to show him up," says Jim Bob, who beats Josh's time. 
19 Kids and Counting "Things Are Changing"...
  • Four days after the examination, the doctor asks Jim Bob (214 pounds) and Josh (224 pounds) to come by the office with their wives to discuss the results. Josh learns that he has gained more than 50 pounds since he met Anna.
  • After having his waist measured, Jim Bob turns to his wife and remarks: "Michelle, that's a lot of cheap pizza!"
  • Josh, who is at risk for diabetes, is clinically obese, and Jim Bob is just below the obesity threshold. 
  • Anna realizes that she needs to make some major changes to her cooking.
  • "This is about life and about being a good example and being here for grandchildren," says Michelle. "It's a good change."
  • Josh and Anna start by donating Josh's stash of "comfort foods" to the local food bank. Meanwhile, Michelle stocks a shelf in her pantry with healthy choices for Jim Bob.
  • Anna's sister, Priscilla, and her husband, David, come to Arkansas for a visit. Josh and Anna's house is 960 square feet and has only two bedrooms and one bathroom, so David and Priscilla stay in a camper trailer in the backyard. During dinner, Anna has to crawl under the table to get from the kitchen to her chair.
  • The next morning, the two couples go out with a realtor to house shop. Anna wants a house that is practical, while Josh is more concerned about the price.
  • "No matter what you dislike...all it takes is money and you can fix it," Josh jokes. He and Anna will work with what they have for now but plan to make changes in the near future.


  1. I loved the health concerns that Josh and Jim Bob are taking seriously. However, I turned the show off after the dinner party and the crawling under the table "bit". Get smaller furniture and add on to your already existing house! I had 7 children in a 3 bedroom and 2 bath house and we didn't have to crawl around and climb over things. Phew! We added on after our 8th, which was a blessing, and now we have 12 children with 5 bedrooms (4 for the children and 1 for dad and mom). Downsize to make room and add on. Simple.

  2. I love the show . .i was very nervous the night I was watching the show where Mom and Dad went out to eat with their Son and Daughter-in-law and decided to lose weight. The older girls were babysitting and they showed them playing in a big play pen with netting. There was a bucket in with the toys in the play pen. It looked like metal. If it was it freaked me out. They were falling over it. Just could not figure it out. if it was indeed metal. Maybe not . .

  3. I hope that Josh and Anna can get a bigger house before the baby comes!

  4. Do u have a recipe for ur Cincinnati chili

  5. Do you guys know the recipe for the Cincinnati chili they made on the show tonight?

  6. Something that occurred to me as I watched Josh and Anna say they had a lot of emotion invested in their current too-small home and then go house-hunting for another place: maybe renovating and adding to their current home is the answer. It looks like they have the land for an addition if they want to spread out or they could add a second floor to their current bungalow. Might even be cheaper than moving as they could do small bits at a time (sounds like a 3rd bedroom would be priority #1).

  7. I am glad the duggars are looking out for their health. Its not just the men though, it needs to be everyone. Even Anna said she has gained weight too. I also think they need a bigger home. But why cant they build on to that home? If im not mistaken that is a family property? If Josh and Anna move out im sure Jana or one of the others will take it over. Good episode though!

  8. Do you possibly have Michelle's recipe for Cincinnati Chili? Thank you for all you do. Love hearing about the Duggars!

    Blessings :)

  9. Love these wrap ups! I hope the boys do super well on their challenges.

  10. Good Job Men!!!Inspiring, thanks for sharing..Suggestion though Jim Bob please take off the jeans to work out in. That is killer!

    Cant wait to see the journey.

  11. Why dont they build they own home???? ..or why the hesitation on buying?:)I know the house has sentimental meaning just take pics and move. they have money and im sure can afford it.most of us want bigger homes and cant afford it but jm sure the family is loaded because the show and appearances writing books etc....I love their money saving tips and I use them for my family absolutely love the family!:)

  12. I thought the smaller boys making a greenhouse was great. What initiative for such little minds. It will be interesting to see what the kids plant and grow in the greenhouse. As for the health of Jimbob and Josh I wish them luck taking off the pounds. They should be glad to know that men have an easier time losing weight.
    Josh and Anna househunting. If they don't own the house ( do they rent it from Jimbob or Grandma Dugger) they can buy it and remodel making an oversized kitchen/dining/livingroom with some extra bedrooms and baths. It would probably be more feasible for them to do that and since All the Duggars are building savvy they can help Josh build onto the home. Anna definately needs a larger kitchen.
    I love the Duggars and I like this season where Michelle seems to be narrating about the lives of the family. Its great. This is my first post and I want to let the Duggars know how much I love them and love watching them. I come from a large family and watching theirs on tv brings back some wonderful family memories of my own.

  13. During the show, when Jim Bob, Josh , and Joseph were working out, it showed the boys in shorts. Is that a first? I have never seen any of the boys in anything other than pants! Just wondering....

  14. During the show, when Jim Bob, Josh , and Joseph were working out, it showed the boys in shorts. Is that a first? I have never seen any of the boys in anything other than pants! Just wondering....

  15. I love that Josh and Anna are living within or below their means by staying in that house. They're setting a good example.
    The whole crawling under the table and house hunt seemed scripted to me. I hope they stay a reality show and don't turn into a scripted show now.

  16. I agree adding on to there house would an option since they r attached to it reconfigure the floor plan to make a bigger living pace and a third bed rm maybe even a 2nd bath by doing that they could live In that home for several more yrs large livingrm
    Kitchen dinning area and boy bedrm girl bed rm kids bath and then josh and Anna have there own bed-bath tho don't know how fun it would
    B to living a construction zone w 3 smal kids lol

  17. I think they should add on to what they have, but I am not them! Clearly they want a huge family as Anna stated about the many children to come and I think from what Josh said about customizing any home they buy, they want dorms like the ones his parents have for children. Why not add on a boy's dorm and a girl's dorm and expand the existing kitchen and living area into the existing children's bedrooms in the house now? Oh and add a few baths. I grew up in a 3 bedroom 1 bath house with 2 adults and 4 children. I am older but back then it was unheard of for all children to have separate bedrooms and baths. 2 children to a bedroom was the norm.

  18. This was a good show and hopefully the men will do well with their challenge. I was happy to see they are building a greenhouse. The fresh vegetables will be great for the whole family and they can teach the little ones about growing healthy food. From the looks of the pantry, it appears they eat a lot of processed items, which does not help in a weight struggle. I wish them well.

  19. I found the Duggars Cincinnati Chili recipe. TLC posted it on their website. Here is the link:http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/quick-spaghetti-with-cincinnati-chili-recipe.htm

  20. Cincinnati chili: http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/main-courses/cincinnati-chili-8/

  21. Lily and Elle,
    Thanks for all of the updates on the Duggar family! I love all of your posts! I missed the new episodes, and was wondering if you knew if they were online somewhere (other than iTunes). Thank you!

  22. I am seconding the request for that Cincinnati Chili recipe! Sounds pretty delicious... I checked and it isn't on the Duggar's site, though.

  23. Do you know if the full episodes will be anywhere to watch online? We are stationed in Japan and it's not on our tv here!!!!

  24. Hello, I'm from New Zealand and love watching the Duggars online. Are you able to put any Season 7 episodes on? We can't wait to see them!
    Thank you!

  25. @Jessica

    Hi Jessica,

    Tuesday's episodes have not been posted to YouTube, but when/if they are, we will post the links. Last week's episode is on YouTube, but the quality is poor. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WamlDXJ4vEY

    ~Lily and Ellie

  26. @Ronda Johnson

    Hi Ronda, Priscilla, and Anonymous,

    We just posted the Duggars' Cincinnati chili recipe. Here's the link: http://duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/duggars-cincinnati-chili-recipe.html

    Happy Cooking!
    Lily and Ellie

  27. Or how about not having a dozen children?

  28. I cringed seeing pregnant Anna crawl under her table. Another embarrassing moment for her (remember the toilet birth..ugh!) Josh needs to be a gentleman and move his seat!!!

    Michelle and JimBob had (I think) seven young children in a small home. Maybe they could give Josh and Anna some tips on how to better use their space. Albeit, adding on to their present home or building on the many acres around the Duggar family home maybe an option, too.

    I was surprised, as well, to see Josh in shorts to work out! JimBob needs to ditch the jeans and wear reasonable work out clothing!!! He not only looks like a fool in jeans; but could seriously harm himself due to jeans not breathing appropriately or allowing freedom of movement!

  29. Well, at least the beans are healthy.

  30. @Anonymous

    LOVE the Duggars! They are an
    incredible family, and a great
    model of a loving family. I am
    really glad that they are starting to address health (diet and exercise) issues for the men, but hope the women will also jump on the bandwagon. Some of the children seem more prone to weight gain (or maybe their habits are different, it's unclear), but want ALL of the Duggars to live long and healthy. I would love to see them live long, healthy, and happy lives!

    Thanks everyone for adding the cincinnati chili recipes, Duggars and otherwise!

  31. just curious I haven't seen it stated yet how much have they lost on 90 day challenge???

  32. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    Jim Bob started off at 214 pounds and finished at 194, while Josh had an initial weight of 224 pounds and ended up at 198.

    ~Lily and Ellie


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