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Monday, March 4, 2013

Ministry and Duggar Kids' Solo Recital

Hope you like photos because we have more to share!

Ministry 2013
 Jackson Duggar

 Michelle Duggar and Josie Duggar

 Justin Duggar

 Josiah Duggar and Jedidiah Duggar

Jinger Duggar and Joseph Duggar

Spring Solo Recital 2013
 Johannah Duggar

 Jackson Duggar
 James Duggar

 Joy-Anna Duggar

 James Duggar

 Jason Duggar

 Jeremiah Duggar

 Jedidiah Duggar

 Joy-Anna Duggar

 Jedidiah Duggar

 Josiah Duggar


22 Comments (Click Here to Add Yours):

Rosemary said...

What a wonderful family, they all seem to practice and play their instraments willingly and with such humility and grace. We do not seem to produce families who work so well together here in the Uk . I think there are too many other unsuitable influences . But I do worry that the Dugger young people may struggle to find suitable partners as there must not be many other families around who can match the role models provided by Jim Bob and Michelle.

Emily said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! Johannah looks adorable! What instrument does Josiah play?
God Bless. Emily

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos! Do you know if there are any videos?

ChristinaSewing said...

Would love to hear this family in person.

debbie chapin said...

What a beautiful and Godly family!! It's good to see them doing solos now!! God continue to bless them!!!!

Anonymous said...

In the second picture Josie looks SOOOOOOOO much like Michelle.

Angelina said...

Why does Justin have an eye patch in the last picture?

Hailey said...

Love the duggar family! Wish I was one of them! I know all of there faces, by name.

Hailey said...

Would you be able to pay more of joshs kids, I want to side how old michael is!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! The Duggars are so talented and I'm glad that they are using it to brighten other's days. Will this be on their TV show? I love to hear them play and sing. Are their songs online somewhere? They should make a CD of their vocal and instrumentals! I'd definitely buy it! God Bless!


Lemonade and Gingerbread said...

What's with the eye patch in the last picture. Looks like Justin maybe? Hoping nothing is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Whish I was there for the recital. I Bet it was a great one. Congratulations to all the kids.

Bethany McGraw said...

The Bontrager Family Singers are having the Duggars as their guest speakers/singers for their (the Bontragers') Labor Day Festivities. FYI.

Anonymous said...

Josie is looking so big

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Emily,

In these pictures, Josiah is shown playing the cello.

~Lily and Ellie

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing Michelle with josie and realize how different this must be for her. To have josie be the last one and not be pregnant with or have other babies to take care of.

Anonymous said...

@ Lilly and Ellie
Why does little Justin have an eye patch in the last picture?
Thanks so much for the amazing pictures!

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi Anonymous,

We have not come across any videos.

Thanks for reading!
Lily and Ellie

Lily and Ellie said...


Hi HK,

To hear the Duggars perform music, check our Videos page (

~Lily and Ellie

Patsy Anne said...

Dear Rosemary I think you will find there are hundreds of large christian families in the USA . They meet up at various locations throughout the year just google large christian families and many many of them have blogs to follow many are linked to each other in some way I think the young people will have a lot of choice when the time comes

Anonymous said...

What happen to justins eye>

Tiffany said...

Justin and his older brothers Jedidiah, Jeremiah,and some others were playing with a rope when the rope snapped hitting Justin in the right eye and causing a blood vessel behind his right eye to burst ... that is why he is wearing an eye patch.

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