Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Recap: Duggars in Tokyo

On tonight's episode of 19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Do Asia," the Duggars visit Tokyo, Japan!
  • Jessa, the master organizer, and Jinger, her sidekick, have been packing for the family for six years. With 250 changes of clothes, 50 shoes, 170 diapers, and snacks for a month, it takes a box truck to transport the Duggars' luggage to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. For 25 people, they check 29 suitcases and carry on 10.
  • The Duggars travel 7,000 miles in less than 48 hours, flying first to Chicago and then catching a flight to Tokyo. 
  • One of the first differences the Duggars notice between Japan and America are the many buttons on Japanese toilets.
  • After spending the night at a hotel with a breathtaking view, the family removes its shoes for a traditional Japanese breakfast. "Jordyn, she was a very adventurous eater," says Jessa. Michelle especially enjoys the seaweed.
  • Near the end of the meal, the servers bring out a green tea cake for Michelle's birthday, which turns out to be delicious.
  • Day1: After exchanging 300 U.S. Dollars for 22,000 Japanese Yen, the Duggars spend the equivalent of 33 USD at a Japanese dollar store (called a 100 yen shop) in the Shibuya district.
  • Day 2: The girls go on a hunt for kimonos for the little girls. "My older daughters...are pretty street smart," says Jim Bob, who feels comfortable letting his daughters venture into Tokyo alone.
  • Meanwhile, Jim Bob and Michelle take care of Michael and the rest of their kids, while Josh and Anna head out on their own. But the young couple's date does not last long. While Josh and Anna are in a caricature shop having their picture drawn, the rest of the family magically shows up.
  • Afterwards, everyone piles onto several Rickshaws for a ride. Then, they split up into teams for a competition in purchasing fish for sushi.
  • Jim Bob picks mostly girls for his team because he know they are good at shopping, but he ends up losing. As "punishment," he has to eat Josie's sushi creation!
  • The Duggars, none of whom have tasted sushi, head to the Tokyo Sushi Academy to learn how to prepare it.
  • "I don't know whether she was making it or playing with it," says Jana, Josie's buddy in the kitchen.
  • Jim Bob prides himself in keeping his word and eats Josie's sushi. He offers to share, but no one takes him up on it. He doesn't predict that sushi will become a staple food in the Duggar household.


  1. Is anyone planning on uploading this to youtube?? Because I don't have cable and I'm dying to watch it!!! Please!!! 😎

  2. Great show and hope that Michelle had a great birthday :)

  3. Hi girls! Will you be able to tell us how to watch these episodes? I'm not able to watch them on TV where I am... Will they be on YouTube? Thank you so very much! I love the Duggars and they are a major encouragement in my life!

  4. When will the episode be on youtube?

  5. i hope its on youtube. did they make a new intro? i hope so!!

  6. Is there any way I can watch the new episode of 19 kids and counting in asia? I live in Sweden. Thanks for your website!
    Kinds regards,

  7. When will you post the video for "Duggars do Asia?"

    The Duggars are a very encouraging family, and we love to watch their show!

  8. The show last night was awesome!!!

  9. Hi, please upload this episode - my kids where sick so I could not watch it, and TLC does not have it on their site (which is a shame) I was sooo looking forward to the episode - thanks for all the great updates and interviews you guys are posting, love this blog! Hugs and blessings!

  10. Will someone be able to put this on youtube?

  11. Oh i'd love to see it but I have no cable.. :)

  12. hi!

    i'm from holland and they just showed the season in Little rock. i watched the rest online and i'm dying to see this episode. does anyone know where i can watch it?


  13. Would really like to watch this for free on something like youtube!!

    REALLY hope it gets uploaded!!!!!!
    I also hope they made a new intro, the old one was getting outdated.


  14. There currently offering the duggars in tokyo free on itunes in hd.

  15. I just wish, as a homeschool family. Michelle and JimBob educated their children (AND themselves!) to the culture of Asia and how to behave respectfully while visiting new countries. During the episode, both parents and children made too many negative faces and comments.

  16. Lily and ellie, do you know why the duggars haven't changed the intro in several yrs? Just wondering

  17. Thank you thank you Anonymous for letting us know about the free itunes download! Mine is downloading now! Only time I miss having tv in our home is to watch the duggars, the olympics, and sometimes rarely the news. Otherwise we are happy being TV free.

  18. i'm downloading it now!! thanks!!!!!

  19. My family loved the show. ONe of our favorites. I thought it was interesting that Anna said that she and Josh were "trying to get pregnant". I thought part of their wedding vows were that they were letting God plan their family. It seems trying to get pregnant means that they are choosing to time things as to result in pregnancy. Her statement says to me that they decided they want another child and are trying.

  20. I love the Duggars, but it made me cringe when I saw how ignorant some of them acted in Japan. They should really learn to be more culturally sensitive before going to other countries.

    Thanks for all the updates on the blog. I'm really looking forward to the next season when they're back in Arkansas.

  21. I agree with others that the photos in the intro need updating, but I wonder if the are waiting for Grand Duggar number threee to do it. One thing I think is interesting is how the younger kids seem much more comfortable trying new foods and participating in new cultures. I think it has to do with the fact that since the family travels so much, it's normal to them. When the older kids were young they didn't venture much further than home and church.
    The one thing that really stands out to me is Josie's miracle. Seeing who was once a 1.6 pound preemie fighting for life now laughing, talking, and playing with sushi warms my heart.


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