Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Peking Duck

While in China, Josh Duggar carves a duck and serves it to his family. (Video below)

Video no longer available


  1. I love this family..i was in this is it w Michael Jackson.....

  2. gross they ate duck? oh my!! i only eat turkey,chicken and beef. i use to eat pork but stopped, sometimes when i'm cooking meats i get nauseous because of the smell of the meats. I once ate goat and that was because my cousin tricked me and told me it was pork and i ate it but didn't think it tasted like it, came to find out it was goat, never ate it again though, gross!! I'm very picky in general with a lot of things, from food to clothing and other things, but to each their own, i know i wouldn't of tried it or the sushi but i know that in Asia they eat all types of fish and animals including cats and dogs, that's a shame if you ask me. I sure hope the Duggar's didn't end up eating something they didn't know what they were eating, cause that just would be crazy, i always make sure i know what I'm eating...


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