Thursday, March 14, 2013

More Media Appearances

The Duggars made yet another media appearance in New York City. This time, they turned the tables on the interviewers and started asking questions of their own.


  1. I liked the season premier, but there is an item circulating on the internet because of it. I've heard that Josh and Anna are moving to Washington DC and Josh has a new job. Have you heard anything on that or do you think that will be a future episode?

  2. Wow! Josiah is certainly rocking his own style with a bow tie, purple shirt and sweater tied around his waist!

  3. @Kristine Slater

    Hi Krisine,

    There are some rumors floating around, but noting has been confirmed or announced.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  4. Missing seeing kids and counting on television. Wonder if the Duggers will ever travel to Australia for a visit as I would love to meet them in person

  5. People who know them personally would attest to Josh announcing that they will be moving to Washington D.C. Just like we all knew when they announced pregnancy many months ago. You will see when the time is right.

  6. UPDATE: FRC's Vice President for Communications, JP Duffy, said that a final decision had not been made on Duggar's hiring. " We greatly appreciate Josh and the Duggar family's devotion to the pro-family movement and their counter-cultural courage," Duffy said. "This is why we have talked to Josh about the position. We have talked to him as well as other candidates but no decision has been made." (3/15/2013)


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