Monday, March 11, 2013

Michelle and Anna on Sibling Relationships

While the Duggars were at NBC Studios this morning, Rebecca Dube from TODAY Moms took the opportunity to collect parenting advice from Michelle and Anna to share with the world. Pregnant with her second child, Dube asked the two mothers how they promote positive sibling relationships, even before a new baby arrives.

Video no longer available


  1. Here in Canada, we can't see the videos. It would be so nice if you could somehow post a transcript. <3

  2. This is great advice! A big congrats to the family.

    I have a question totally off topic: Where do the Duggars find their undershirts? I am speaking of the ones that provide a bit more material for low shirts.

    Thanks for all you do

  3. Anna is pregnant with baby #3 not 2!

  4. I'm not able to view the video :( They are referring to "Dube" being pregnant with her second, not Anna :)


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