Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Recap: Duggars in Kyoto, Japan

On tonight's episode of 19 Kids and Counting, "Duggars Do Asia"...
  • Fuji TV invites the Duggars to be guests on its live morning show. Minutes before the start of the show, Jackson announces that he has to use the bathroom. With the help of a member of the Japanese film crew, who gathers Jackson in his arms and runs him to the washroom, Duggar #15 makes it back to the set just in time.
  • The Duggars tour Tokyo with Unbelievable, a Japanese TV show that introduces the family to Japan's oddities.
  • When the family watches the sectioning of a tuna fish, Josie covers her ears and refuses to sample it.
  • The Duggars attend a carnival set up by Unbelievable, where the highlight is a goldfish catching contest. The Duggars compete against and catch eight more fish than Master Lida, the Japanese champion in goldfish catching. "We did have like 25 people versus one, but we still won," says John-David.
  • The Duggars travel from Tokyo to Kyoto on a Japanese bullet train, which reaches speeds of 190 miles per hour.
  • Jim Bob, a man who is not afraid to ask for directions, successfully gets his family from the train station to the hotel but uses the wrong language to thank passersby.  "So once again my dad was trying to use his Spanish," says Jessa. "He'd be like 'gracias, gracias."'
  • Jim Bob encourages all the men out there not to hesitate to ask for directions.   
  • The Duggar women (Grandma, Michelle, Anna, Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy) dress up like Japanese geishas, complete with kimonos and traditional hairdos and makeup.
  • They bring in the little girls (Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, Mackynzie, and Josie) to see their costumes. Johannah is confident that she can identify everyone but encourages her little sisters and niece to guess. The four youngest are a little freaked out, but after the tears are dried, the little girls happily try on their own kimonos.
  • At first, Jinger wants no part in dressing up, but her sisters talk her into it. All the Duggar women learn how difficult it is to put on the many layers of a kimono. "You can't put one of those things on by yourself," says Jana.
  • Meanwhile, the guys, including Michael, don kimonos of their own and learn Samurai fighting. They enjoy acting out dramatic fake deaths and performing a Hollywood fight scene. At the end of the skit, one of the Samurais jokingly asks Jim Bob for permission to court his daughters. Jim Bob's reaction is to draw the Samurais sword, catching him off-guard.
  • After an eventful day, the Duggars take a nap in a Japanese capsule hotel. Although the hotel separates men and women by floor, they make an exception for the Duggars. The children are so intrigued by the capsules that they don't end up taking naps.   
  • When asked if they enjoy taking naps, both Jordyn and Josie response with a "no."
  • Jim Bob gets a snooze in, but Michelle and the kids play games. "We heard you, though," says Michelle to Jim Bob, laughing. "We knew you were taking a nap."
  • Anna sneaks off to purchase a pregnancy test but waits until her anniversary to take it. See the results on next week's show!
  • Later in the day, the Duggars, who are pickle fanatics, visit a pickle restaurant. Kyoto is known for its pickles. "Our family has a thing for pickles," says Josh. "And when I say a thing, I mean a thing." Everyone but Jim Bob, the only non-pickle-lover, enjoys tasting the restaurant's 25 pickle dishes. (Six "pickles" in three lines of text, not bad!)


  1. Does anyone know if they are going to upload this to youtube or If it will be in iTunes??? Much thanks!!


  2. Thanks, I hope we get to see them adopt little Journey I cant wait to see the newest little duggar hugs

  3. episode is not free.... costs $1.99. well, hopefully its on youtube for AMERICANS to see!

  4. It is on Itunes, but it is $2.99. I don't know if it's on YouTube yet. :)

  5. It's already available in iTunes. The new episodes are always available right away the next morning on iTunes.

  6. I thought it was very nice that JimBob would take his family to a pickle place even though he was hungry and doesn't like pickles. Very selfless. Need more men like that.

  7. The sword fight movie was hilarious. We loved the captions.

  8. Watched it! Jim Bob cracks me up...he really is quite funny.

  9. blueBubblegumRoxy has them already on youtube, so nice, so fast!


  10. It's available in hd on itunes for $2.99, you can also watch it on the youtube channel of blueBubblegumRox.

  11. I bring glad tidings.. .for fans outside USA.
    BluebubblegRox has already uploaded the Kyoto episode of duggars do Asia. .hope this helps.. .

  12. blueBubblegumRox Has this episode on his channel for international watchers only !!! Btw please let us know if someone puts it on youtube for the US BECAUSE I don't have cable and am dying to watch it!! Thank you!!!

  13. Heres the episode on youtube :)

  14. I'm American and I'm watching the episode online for FREE!!!

  15. I can't even find it on Itunes now. :( I hope I get to see it still! I did download the free first one on Itunes, but can't seem to find the second one on there. What do I type in the search?

  16. I have tried to access the episode from BluebubbleRox and youtube has already taken it down... Very frustrating!!!! Don't have cable over here. :(

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEyOSRh7ovM Yay! Link

  18. @ Caroline 5:35.

    How are you watching it free online inside the US? Thanks!


  19. Hey Caroline,
    Where are you watching them?
    We want to watch them too!

  20. hope they enjoy japan my son and daughter in law live in osaka ,we hope some day we can afford to go there , look forward to seeing the duggar family on tv in england

  21. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    The second episode is listed under the first one when you search "19 Kids and Counting vol 8" in iTunes.

    ~Lily and Ellie


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