Saturday, October 18, 2014

Upcoming Duggar Appearances

In the midst of planning for Jessa and Ben's wedding, which is only two weeks away, the Duggars are preparing for two speaking engagements. Here are the details:

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
Josh Duggar and FRC Action to be featured at Stand Up America
    "An intimate evening of faith, family and freedom"
Reynolds Performance Hall
201 Donaghey Ave.
Conway, AR
Event begins at 7pm
Other members of the Duggar family will be in attendance
Click here to purchase adult tickets
Children's tickets are available by calling the Reynolds Box Office (501-450-3265, M-F 10am-4pm)

Friday, November 21st, 2014
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to be keynote speakers for the 73rd annual Booster Banquet
Hannibal-LaGrange University
Hannibal, Missouri
Doors open at 6pm, meal served at 7pm
  • General Admission Ticket
  • Executive Admission Ticket: SOLD OUT
  • Sponsor a Round Table
    • $1,000; call 573-629-3124 to purchase
    • Includes 8 Executive Tickets 
      • Reserved parking and banquet seating, private reception with the Duggars from 6-6:45pm
      • Meet and greet Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
For more information, contact Carla Steinbeck (573-629-3124 or
Tickets purchased via credit card are non-refundable
Tickets purchased before Nov. 18th will be mailed to you; tickets purchased on or after Nov. 18th must be picked up at the door with a photo ID or copy of purchase confirmation

Photo Credits: TLC, NWA Beautiful Girls Retreat


  1. We have been waiting fore error for the wedding now she is married and 3 months prego and now 2 wks away her sister Jessa will be married are we going to have to wait almost a yr to watch that to .the reason runs are getting very boring and a lot of people are really saying the same thing. Just show the wedding plz we see more of the baby bump .the wedding should of been shown before the baby bump. Come one plz nuts show the wedding. .so we can wait another yr to see Jessa get married and prego. Taken way to long.even seen the bates wedding and Josh and Anna faster then jills.

  2. Do they ever come to California to speak? Please come to California!!!

  3. Nice for the Duggars that they get invited to be keynote speakers. No one in this world would pay even 5 cents to listen to me, and yet I write comments to this blog. Now who would read those?

  4. The Duggar girls book, Growing Up Duggar, is available at my local library and I just finished reading it this week up till today and returning it today. There were over 20 holds on it, seriously, I put another hold on it to get it again to review and I think I am hold number 23. Our libraries jointly have 10 copies. It is such a good book that I probably will eventually purchase one. I really liked it. I am amazed at what thinkers theses girls are and how they have compiled so much wisdom into a book, lots of what they say has been said here and there but they really put it all together in a logical, helpful way. The Duggars are people with good comprehension. I just feel stupid compared to them. Comparisons are something they say they discourage people making. But really I have lived my life and so much of what the Duggar girls have assembled has just really helped me so much. The many things I have read and listened to that were supposed to be Christian spiritual never helped me as much as this book of the Duggar girls! I am glad I read it!

  5. Getting bored with the show. Too much repeat, repeat and stalling.

  6. Good for Josh. Seems he is adhering to the family values and not the coomercialism of wedding and baby drama. Come on Duggars-the Prince of Wales did it much faster

  7. Wow! I get that everyone wants to see the wedding, but we only have to wait 8 more days. Please stop complaining when there are far worst things in the world then waiting to see a celebrities' wedding.


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