Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recap: "All About Jill"

Tonight on TLC...

19 Kids and Counting "All About Jill"
  • As Duggar Wedding #2 approaches, the family shares their thoughts about Jill and the memories they have shared with her. 
  • Jill was Michelle's first all-natural delivery. "She was so sweet," remembers Michelle. "The sweetest, easiest baby ever."
  • "She's like a little angel," adds Josh, who says he never remembers Jill doing anything wrong.
  • Jim Bob calls Jill "the ultimate best friend."
  • What words come to mind when the Duggars think about Jill?
    • Grandma Duggar: loving
    • Jim Bob: delightful
    • Michelle: sweet
    • Jackson: energetic
    • Jason: bubbly
    • James: giver
    • Michael: fun
  • Jill looks back on her favorite family memories, including the "perm phase" she and her sisters went through several years ago. For a period of time, the girls would regularly perm each other's hair. Looking back, they say the perms made their hair very poofy. Now that they are older, the girls prefer to use curling irons. (Click here to watch our Duggar Hair Tutorial.) 
  • Who will lead Jill's buddy team (Joy, James, and Jennifer) when she moves out? Joy says it's her turn to take over. 
  • "Jill has really always had a servant's heart," says Michelle. "She is very giving." The Duggars define "having a servant's heart" as "finding joy in serving others."
  • When they were in their late teens, Jana, Jill, and John received first responder training. Jill had the opportunity to put her skills to use when Jason fell into an orchestra pit at a church in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2011. Jill was the first one to find her little brother, and looking back, Jason says Jill knew just what to do. 
  • When Josie was born at 25 weeks gestation, Jill was there to encourage her family and to help Michelle care for her "latest, precious addition." This experience sparked Jill's interest in midwifery.
  • "It has been a miracle watching Josie grow from such a tiny little baby...to a healthy and strong little girl with an attitude," says Jill. 
  • Derick's mom, Cathy Byrum, tells viewers about her son: "Derick was born March ninth of 1989. He was ten days late. When he was growing up, I never thought that he would marry into a family with 19 kids."
  • Derick has only one sibling, a strong contrast to Jill's 18 brothers and sisters.
  • "For the most part, Derick and I got along, but we were your typical brothers," says Derick's younger brother, Dan. "We had our moments."
  • During Derick's freshman year of college, his father, the late Rick Dillard, passed away. Derick says he learned what it truly means to lean on God. "I really knew that God was in control," he shares.
  • After college, Derick headed to Nepal to do mission work for two years. Before leaving, he reached out to Jim Bob to be his prayer partner because he knew the Duggars had a heart for missions.
  • Jim Bob mentored Derick for a year and a half before introducing him to Jill. At first, Jill remained guarded because she was unsure whether she wanted to pursue a relationship with Derick.
  • Many Skype conversations and phone calls later, and Jill had fallen in love. You know the rest of the story!
  • Tune in next Tuesday for a two-hour special of 19 Kids and Counting featuring Jill and Derick's wedding. 


  1. Awwe it sounds sweet. I just watched the wedding countdown on YouTube. If you are having trouble finding them search for the season and episode numbers.

  2. I wish that the Duggars would put a clause into their TLC contract that the episodes would be available to view online for all of their followers who live like they do...without TV or cable. The Duck Dynasty family stood up to A & E for their beliefs and look who won! Besides, it looks like People magazine gets to post the news before TLC. So why is TLC trying to be so exclusive? I think the Duggars are a wonderful family and I enjoy following them on this blog (no cable here) but sometimes I wonder if the financial benefit to them means more than they influence they can have to the WORLD. I am amazed how many people follow them from other countries on computer alone...something that is now limited.

  3. I wish Jill and Derrick much luck and happiness. But my family and friends really are annoyed at how the show has not caught up to the wedding of Jill yet, which they could spend a few episodes on instead of the fillers they are using. The shows have so few minutes before the preview clips come on and waste more time, then commercials.

    Please, why are there no shows about Jessa and Bens wedding plans? Where are Ben And Jessa planning to live- the first thing we saw was the big house Jill was getting but we are shown nothing about Jessa and Ben. We haven't seen their Engagement yet, and they are getting married in 2 weeks. It seems like Ben and Jessa are being treated like children a bit and not a mature responsible couple getting married and having a life. They seem to be dominated by JB a little too much and maybe that is why we aren't seeing any new content related to their marriage?

  4. What does the good book say, for everything under heaven there is a season....we are in the Jill season, and she is a wonderful person!

  5. Loved the episode, it was reminiscent of the quality shows of the Duggars way back when.I would love it if they profiled a Duggar here and there so we can learn a little more about that individual.

  6. Very lovely segment about Jill! Lots of new stuff that I didn't know about Jill and Derrick.
    Enjoyed watching one of her many wedding showers.
    How sweet!

  7. I wished tlc would air closer in time, not so many month later than things happened.
    Hey TLC- the duggar family runs over you!! Please be closer to real life.
    Now the next daughter is going to mary and we now just see the wedding of Jill and Derrick from months ago. And we haven't heard/seen that much about jessa and bens engagement and wedding preparation so far. That is not fair!

  8. Will jessa and bens wedding be aired soon? I don't want to wait again 3 month.


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