Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Recap: "Duggars in Cuffs" & "Duggar Derby"

Tonight on TLC...

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars in Cuffs"
  • Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary by taking Jill and her fiancĂ© and Jessa and her boyfriend on a triple date. The Duggar patriarch and matriarch have a special evening planned for the couples. "I've always got a few tricks up my sleeve," says Jim Bob.
  • After leaving the house, Jim Bob starts driving recklessly and is pulled over by a police officer, who instructs everyone to step out of the vehicle and line up on the sidewalk.
  • "I knew my dad was in on it," admits Jill. "But I thought: 'Because my dad's in on it, what's he going to make us do?'"
  • The cop, in cahoots with Jim Bob, handcuffs each of the couples together and leaves the keys with the Duggar dad.
  • To teach their daughters and future sons-in-law the importance of teamwork and communication in marriage, Jim Bob and Michelle have a series of challenges planned. Ben and Jessa have an extra set of handcuffs between them so they don't get too close together.
  • The first stop is a picnic spot at a local park, where each of the couples has to prepare peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. Then they head over to the playground to go through a timed obstacle course. Jill and Derick end up winning. 
  •  "That might have been a little silly, but there was a point to it," says Ben.
  • Next, the group heads over to Jim Bob's friend's house to shoot a bow and arrow. By the end of the evening, Jim Bob and Michelle are feeling confident about their daughters' relationships, and the kids say they enjoyed themselves.
  • "Overall, we really enjoyed the triple date," shares Derick.
  • "Being handcuffed to you is rather enjoyable," Jessa tells Ben with a smile.
  • In Washington D.C., Josh pulls on a pair of sport shorts and a T-shirt and prepares to run a 5K race, the equivalent of 3.1 miles. "Josh has been doing some training," says Anna. "We're not runners, surprisingly."
  • Josh doesn't quite make his 30-minute goal but is satisfied with his accomplishment. Trainer Steve Conley, a former NFL linebacker, is impressed.

19 Kids and Counting "Duggar Derby"
  • Michelle takes Johannah out for an afternoon of one-on-one time at a local equestrian center. At age 12, the Duggar matriarch had quite a scare when the horse she was riding took off galloping.
  • "I think horseback riding was quite a pleasurable experience for Hanney," says Michelle.
  • That evening, the family--including Ben, who is living in the Duggars' guest house--gathers in the boys' room for their nightly Bible Time.
  • The following day, while Jim Bob and the older kids build ramps for their soap box derby cars, Jessa and Ben take the little ones to Fast Lane to eat pizza and play arcade games. Jana goes along as a chaperone, but she plans to give Jessa and Ben a taste of parenthood by letting them keep track of the little ones.
  • According to Jessa, "Ben is excellent with kids" and is going to be a great dad.
  • At the end of the afternoon, Johannah says Jessa and Ben are "ready for 19 kids."
  • Later, the whole family meets in a parking lot to watch the soap box derby race. They hold two qualifying races to determine the fastest drivers from each of the three teams.
Qualifying Race 1:
Winner: Justin (White team)
Johannah (Red team)
Jennifer (Blue team)

Qualifying Race 2:
Winner: James (White team)
Jason (Red team)
Jackson (Blue team)
  • Justin, Johannah, and Jennifer end with the best times, so they become the drivers for the final race. Grandma Duggar fires the starting pistol, and the race begins. Justin crosses the finish line first, but Johannah and Jennifer are not far behind. 
Final Race:
1st place: Justin (White team)
2nd place: Johannah (Red team)
3rd place: Jennifer (Blue team)
  • The Duggars end the day with a picnic in the parking lot.  


  1. The duggars are amazing! I mean they raise 19 well behaved, incredible kids ......and manage to be godly people! Not everyone can do that. They even find the time to spend individual one on one time with the kids. I love you duggars

  2. First a children's playground, then peanut butter and jelly for lunch? Perhaps something a little more sophisticated would have been appropriate for a triple date with 6 grown adults.

  3. First episode= just plain silly :-( I would much rather see somemore of the other kids and what their up to.

  4. I had the same completion as those kids until i tried Proactiv, it reall works miracles, i wonder if they heard about it? Those girls are all about their countenance, so i think they would feel more confident with a clear complexion.

  5. Wasn't Michelle and Jim Bob's anniversary like a month after jill's wedding?

    1. Yeah but I guess that wanted to do those excesses before Jill and Derick got married

  6. Ciao from italy! Why can't I watch the new episode on youtube?

  7. Lovely show ,thank you all for good messages, in comparison with all the negative on TV.

  8. What?? Extra pair of handcuffs? Haha!

    Love jessa - " being handcuffed to you is rather enjoyable" hahahaha!!

  9. Sounds funny!!! =) Especially the handcuffs! Let us know when the shows go up on YouTube please!!!

    In Christ, Christian

  10. Ok it's official. I am 100% bored. I'm no longer interested in seeing the wedding. By the time that airs, the Dillards baby will have been born. Last night I cancelled my season pass on my DVR. But I do thank the Duggars for the years of enjoyable episodes before all the wedding planning episodes. I've learned a lot from this family before they went social media and 'hollywood'.

  11. After watching Ben interact with the younger kids, he will be a very sweet and kind father.

  12. He kids may be well behaved but what is with the constant pranks with the parents? They show a lack of respect.

  13. These girls are so tolerant. If my parents had tried this nonsense, I would have never gone along with it.

  14. Just curious. With your recap of the Duggar Derby episode it says "Michelle takes Johannah out for an afternoon of one-on-one time at a local equestrian center. At age 12, the Duggar matriarch had quite a scare when the horse she was riding took off galloping" Are you saying Johannah is 12 or Michelle is 12? Because neither are 'age 12'. Just thought I'd point that out incase there was a typo. Or maybe I'm reading it wrong.

  15. Sweet! Thank you so much for posting all of this!

  16. I thought Jason won his race? I might be wrong but that's what I thought. Thanks for the updates I love this family so much.

  17. I thought that lady from the horseback riding class was pretty rude to Johannah, when she went on the horse the wrong way. Exclaiming "what are you doing you crazy girl?" I mean how is she supposed to know?

  18. I thought the same thing!

  19. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous 15,

    Here is what we mean by that sentence: When Michelle (the Duggar matriarch) was 12, the horse she was riding took off galloping and gave her quite a scare.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  20. While watching the episodes I thought that TLC could upgrade the quality of the filming and change the style of how they present the shows instead of having the exact same formats every time. The filming is amateurish. The presentation format any of the content has become tedious because we have seen it over and over again. Every week repetitions of all the content within each episode is happening. Don't forget we already get see out takes from of the episodes released in advance. The out takes should be something slightly different than the show. To keep people interested in the program the producers should present some of the content in the new shows in new and interesting ways and improve their filming techniques.

  21. I also did not like the way the horse handler host said 'crazy girl', an exclamation like that could hurt the young girls feelings quite a bit and maybe she did not have such a good time after that.

  22. Jill said going on the kids play structure was embarrassing, well she'll be up there plenty of times so she can get used to it now.

  23. This show and a few others from this season and last season seem to lack the quality of content that has been the hall mark of 19 kids and counting over the years. My least favorite show was a tie between the mini golf and the one with Ben doing jobs for JB...oh and the " crazy girl" comment was so uncalled for! Having said all of that, are any of us perfect? It takes guts and humility to allow oneself to be so open to criticisms of such as I just printed. I give Derek and Ben lots of credit for going the extra, sometimes uncomfortable mile, for the one they love by being on these shows.
    ( I know the extra paycheck helps.) they both seem like great guys and they are marrying great girls! May God abundantly bless their marriages!

  24. Boredom may be the fault of those putting the show together because they are just using the same format and putting new information into it each week. Some new structure for the show would be interesting. The talking heads could be in interesting locations. The out takes could be different from the show. The filming could be less home movie like and more high quality like a feature film. They could put in more new filming footage and much less repeats of the same film clips. A portion of the show could feature a Duggar performing each week instead of so much repeated film clips. The same old same old will make people yawn even if there is new information each week. TLC frankly is going for convenience in production. Maybe they say the Duggars are used to the way they do things but it seems like the production crew is kind of lazy. They could put out more effort and improve the quality of the show.

  25. I think the horse lady was rude and Michelle could have at that point just said something to her to defend her daughter's dignity and self esteem. I could imagine other reality show mom's reacting to a slur, maybe Michelle did not hear it then.

  26. I've noticed the excessive previewing done during the shows, too. It is really annoying, are the viewers gold fish who have a 3 second memory! Now technology eliminates the need for the instant replay or any other reviews within the shows, because it is possible to go back infinitely.

  27. New episodes just need new titles and only new film footage, no reviews or previews. Thanks.

  28. The horse trainer, IMO, owes Johanna and apology. Crazy girl! Why was that necessary? Wasnt she teaching her how to ride in the first place? If youre teaching someone you dont expect them to know how to do it. Right? Otherwise you wouldnt need a teacher if you already know how. Jeez, shes just a little girl, horse trainer!

  29. I have to add to all the comments about how there is very little new content in the shows, with so many preview clips before every single commercial break that take up so much time, then so many commercials, and before the show flashback clips and preview clips. The preview clips are unnecessary!

    Also, in the new shows there is very little footage of the regular home life of the kids which used to be fun to watch- who gets everyone dressed? What's the home schooling look like? So gets the little ones ready for bed and baths? Who is cooking lunch? Who is doing all this laundry? It would be really nice to see footage of the bottom 10 kids and what their day is like, because we have seen than grow up. We haven't seen much of certain kids lately including Josie, Jordyn, Jennifer, Jackson, Johannah and the Justin, James, Josiah, Jeremiah, Jed.

    And I would like to see the engagement of Jessa already since her marriage is in less than a month- what are their plans for after marriage, where are they going to live and what are they going to be doing? The shows lately seem to have so much extraneous filler of JB teasing and testing Ben. It is enough. And we have yet to see Jill's marriage when she is already pretty pregnant! Many people are commenting on how the shows are very brief and have not caught up which is frustrating to fans.

  30. Johannah said that she has rode on a horse once before when she was little and she accidentally busted a tooth, what episode was that in ?


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