Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tonight on "19 Kids and Counting"

On tonight's new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting, take a break from wedding planning, and find out what the rest of the Duggar clan has been up to.

9:00 PM ET PT/8PM CT 
Duggars in Cuffs
To celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, Jim Bob & Michelle go on a triple date with Jill & Derick and Jessa & Ben and have a big surprise planned. Meanwhile in DC, Josh gets back on track with his fitness goals by running a 5K. 

9:30 PM ET PT/8:30 PM CT
Duggar Derby
The family is gearing up for their big derby race! But first, Jessa & Ben practice their parenting skills and take the littlest Duggars out for a day of fun. When race day arrives, which team will finish first and be crowned the Duggar Derby champion?


  1. Dear Lily and Elli, would you please upload the last couple episodes? I am from Germany and eagerly waiting for each next episode.
    I appreciate your work a lot. It is so neat to be updated on the duggar family. Good job you guys :)

  2. Why did jessa register in walmart for so many rifles that is not something you ask for as a wedding gift. Pluss is not very christian like to be asking for rifles. Weapons thats what they used to kill at the time of the holocaus.

  3. It is the kid in me that is excited about the Duggar derby race. Looking forward to seeing this. The time out and about with Ben and Jessa should be fun. The date is the usual lovable romantic fair that the Duggars have so much of in their lives, 'lucky' as Napoleon Dynamite would say!

  4. I love this website their show is such an encouragement to me especially through this time I'm going through thank you for making this website Go bless you all signed Anonymois

  5. I have grown in patience, knowledge, strength, modesty, and much more firstly because of God and secondly because of your show...My fourth son was just born two months ago as a result of the changes your show has helped grow in me. I look forward to it each tuesday and even my kids are all excited on 'duggar night'. thanks!! aggie

  6. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous 1,

    YouTube and TLC have started actively removing the newest episodes from YouTube soon after they are posted, and TLC recently asked us not to post the links to those episodes. (We are not the ones who upload the episodes to YouTube; that is done by other viewers.)

    Thanks for understanding. :)
    Lily and Ellie

  7. It was good to see Josh running in shorts!! The last time I seen him run in a race he wore pants. Ugh!
    When did he start wearing shorts? I know they had said before it was a personal conviction for the guys in their family not to wear shorts.


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