Thursday, March 6, 2014

More Photos from the Philippines

John-David Duggar is back from his mission trip overseas. He traveled to the Philippines with Lawson and Nathan Bates to help typhoon victims, a trip that Nathan organized when he heard about the devastating storms last November. Scroll down to see pictures from the boys' trip. (Click here for more photos.)

 John Duggar, Lawson Bates, and Nathan Bates

 Sharing God's love with the locals

 John Duggar shares encouragement with a group of young girls

 The boys pose for a photo with locals affected by the storms

 The medical team

 Distributing prescriptions

 John-David Duggar

 Lawson, John, and Nathan

John Duggar shares the gospel with a nurse


  1. Nice photos:) did the camera crew go?

  2. Hi have a ? About the girls how do they get those nice curls in there hair? Could u plz find out what they use thks.

  3. Thank You Lord that You went to the Philippines to shine Your light through John, Nathan and Lawson. I pray that all that they did there showed many, many souls Who You are and that they turn to You to save their soul both now and for all eternity.

  4. John's hand is far too close to the nurse. Or is the nurse's hand far too close to John's.

  5. @AnonymousReally! That's what u see? How about seeing young men doing good in this world instead of drinking and partying like most men there age.Shame on you.Sincerely,Ms.Fed up!

  6. @AnonymousSERIOUSLY!That's what u see? How about seeing caring young men who are doing Gods purpose and helping their fellow man.That's what I see.God bless those wonderful,kind boys!

  7. Thank you for helping my fellow Filipino! May God Bless You Duggars Family!


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