Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Recap: "Grand Ole Duggars" and "Hunting and House Guests"

Tonight on TLC's 19 Kids and Counting...

"Grand Ole Duggars"
  • Michelle, Grandma, and the kids are invited by a local church to participate in an outreach called Laundry Love. At a local laundry mat, they pass out food, paint nails, play with customers' kids, and (of course) wash and fold laundry.
  • "This is what it's all about," says Michelle. "Getting to just serve and be a part of the community."
  • As far as their own laundry goes, Grandma Duggar is the woman; she does an average of 70 loads each week. "Grandma left for like a week," says Justin. "Our clothes were everywhere."
  • Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger are invited to speak at an Advanced Training Institute conference in Nashville. Jana tells a story about a struggle that she and Jessa had as kids. At one point in their relationship, Jessa would constantly tease Jana, who sought wise counsel from her parents. To show how much she cared, Jana gave Jessa one of her prized possessions. After that, Jessa said that it was no longer enjoyable to tease her sister, and the two made up.
  • While in Nashville, the Duggars tour the Grand Ole Opry and sing "Amazing Grace" on the stage.
  • Afterwards, the family heads next door to tour the Opryland Hotel, complete with an indoor boat ride.
  • "No matter where we go as a family, sooner or later, somebody's gotta go to the bathroom," says Jim Bob. Jim Bob and Michelle are constantly doing head counts.

"Hunting and House Guests"
  • Anna's sister and her husband, David, come down to Arkansas for a visit. After a jam session, brothers-in-law Josh and David go head-to-head in a unicycle race, handstand contest, and basketball competition.
  • Friends of the Duggars who own a chain of fast-food restaurants bring dinner over. After chowing down on chicken, the two families plan what will be the Duggars' first hunting trip.
  • After a six hour bus trip beginning at 5:00 AM, Jim Bob and the older kids are ready to hunt turkey. Everyone suits up and takes turns shooting paper turkeys. 
  • The next morning, the Duggars split up into groups, are assigned a guide, and head out.
  • "Turkey hunting can teach you a lot of patience," says Jim Bob, who is paired with Jinger. "You sit there for hours, and nothing happens."
  • After a day of hunting, the Duggars head home with two turkeys, shot by the older boys.
  • Even though she isn't successful, Jinger enjoy hanging out with her dad. "I think that it was great father-daughter time," says the 18-year-old.


  1. Hunting...so sad. Honor God's creatures.

  2. thats awesome! I never would have thought that they would go hunting. Can't wait to watch! Will you be putting it up on the blog? I did not get to watch it.

  3. Exactly Anonymous; I am surprised the Duggars chose to hunt with their beliefs (maybe they wanted to imitate the Bateses-again, the fact they hunt surprised me, too). I shut my television off just prior to viewing that part of the episode. I am disappointed in them.

  4. ellie and lily i find the two episode of last night on youtube

  5. There is nothing wrong with hunting the creatures that God has given us dominom over

  6. I usually watch every last second of their show, but when the turkey hunting business started I went to check facebook. Unusually uninteresting.

  7. hunting is fine. Were do you think the store gets the meat?! do you think they just make it?

  8. Why are you all surprised the duggars went hunting? Do you remember in acts when peter was given a vision by God? He was up on the roof and a large sheet was lowered down from heaven. It contained all kinds of animals. God told him to "kill and eat" .. It was wrong in the old testament because of law. But, with the new covenant of Jesus Christ, all things have been made pure. God gave humans power over the animals.

  9. As an animal lover, I was really bothered by the Turkey hunt too. I understand that some people choose to eat meat, and honestly, it is better to hunt and kill one's own food than purchase something raised n a factory farm, but I thought the way it was presented was really un-life affirming, and potentially traumatizing to young children that might be watching, I wish there had been a warning at the beginning, and I'm glad I wasn't watching with children!

  10. I have no problem with hunting maybe it how I was raised but hunting is alright I am sure wild turkey would be more gamey then a Butter Ball Turkey but hunting can be a fun sport I never hunted my self but most of my family has went hunting I can't stay still to go hunting. I am from Nebraska hunting is a part of country living!

  11. Yes, turkeys are God creatures, but He made them to be eaten by humans. We have meat eater teeth and appendixes. He even commanded Israel to eat meat at least once per year (Passover) or they would be kicked out of the nation. He told them they could eat all the clean meat their "hearts lusted after." (Deuteronomy 12) the New Testament is, if any thing, even free-er with permission to eat meat. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    If there is nothing wrong with eating meat there is nothing wrong with hunting it. It does not change the morality to butcher the animal in a factory instead of in the field.

    Please be careful to not confuse New Age, anti-meat, animal worshiping morals with biblical morals (where sacrificial death is a requirement)The Duggers are Christians and would follow biblical morals, not New Age ones.

  12. It's great they hunt. teach their children survival. how do you think they ate in bible times.

  13. @Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads-up, Brittani! :)

    ~Lily and Ellie

  14. Remember that animals feel pain just like we do and deer and turkeys love their babies just like we do. That's why I choose not to eat meat.
    We don't live "in Bible times." If we did, we'd be selling our children into slavery to pay off our debts and storing the neighbors to death for cooking on the Sabbath.

  15. Actually, BettySue, We DO NOT have meat eating teeth and appendixes. You should probably do some research on that and see what meat eating animals teeth look like- they do not look like humans teeth. Also, maybe you should check on the intestines of meat eating animals and humans and see the difference. We were not created to eat meat, although we are now allowed by God to eat meat.
    I also think this is just an indication that the Duggars pick and choose what they want to believe out of the Bible. They live by some old testament laws, but not all of them.

  16. For those who eat meat, hunting would make sense if we lived in a society with no food stores. But everyday there are thousands of pounds of meat going to waste in food stores, including turkey. Thousands of animals are killed everyday to supply meat in stores of which much goes to waste. For a family that believes in not wasting, it is shocking and disappointing to see that they would kill animals for the sake of entertainment. I pray next time they go food shopping, they appreciate all that is already in the stores and spare those in the wild.

  17. So then Paul picks and chooses, because he ate meat.

  18. Deuteronomy 12:15
    “However, you may slaughter and eat meat within all your gates, whatever your heart desires, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you; the unclean and the clean may eat of it, of the gazelle and the deer alike.

  19. I believe we can just leave this "controversial" topic aside and just focus on Christ again. Did you think the family was flawless? They accepted to be filmed to encourage people about the love of Christ to others. "He must increase, but I must decrease."
    Anonymous 011889

  20. I don't have a problem with hunting I love animals and I love meat and understand that hunting helps control the animal population from animals getting sick or running in the middle of the road causing wrecks! I am not a hunter myself but that's my choice! I know bunch of people who hunt! Fresh game meat is good eating! Its good family time if you can stand being in the cold and standing still for an hour!

  21. Ditto Anonymous!

    "I believe we can just leave this "controversial" topic aside and just focus on Christ again. Did you think the family was flawless? They accepted to be filmed to encourage people about the love of Christ to others. "He must increase, but I must decrease."

    No one believes exactly the same as you, so let's just put this aside.

  22. When Jana started to cry at the ATI conference made my heart melt... She is so sweet <3

  23. Thank you for posting Deuteronomy 12:15!! I believe we dominion over the animals but we should;t abuse that privilege. The dug gars talked about eating the turkeys so they weren't abusing their responsibility.


  24. @Anonymous 12:09

    Thousands of pounds of factory-raised, hormone- and antibiotic-laden meat going to waste every day and you tell us to appreciate what's in the store and not go out to feed ourselves naturally with the food that God has allowed us to eat?! Please. The problem is not with hunting, it's with the whole meat-production industry!

    The Duggars are perfectly justified in hunting to feed themselves. However, I was not particularly impressed to see them fish and then throw the fish back into the water. Now *that* is needless cruelty.

  25. with all of those kids and a mom they seriously leave all the laundry for the poor grandma. LAZY!

  26. To Cathy- they don't make Grandma do the laundry. She doesn't have to live there. I'm pretty sure she volunteers and gets help from the other kids when needed.

    I paused the TV when they showed the presentation notes on the computer (a Mac! I live an upper middle class lifestyle and even I won't splurge on one of those). Thought it was interesting that it said that "Siblings should be your friends" and "show me your friends and I'll show me your future." A little harsh- not every family has a dozen plus kids. What if you are in a smaller family or one in which no siblings are within a couple years of your age- you are going to want and NEED friends in those cases plus it helps you navigate the real world in which everyone doesn't live like your family. I understand that kids can pick bad friends, so obviously parents can help steer their kids to the right ones, like through church or planned family gatherings.

  27. I'm sure she doesn't HAVE to do the laundry. I am just saying there shouldn't be that much laundry for her to do. Between all the older kids and Michelle. There should only be laundry from the little kids.

  28. The only thing that I find
    hypocritical is with Josh and
    Anna Duggar and what happened
    to the poor kitten. At first he
    said that he had mice and "allowing
    the cat to stay in the house. An
    outdoor cat must be still be given
    shelter as the owner chooses to
    let it go out. Anna said the reason
    the kitten did not return was that
    it found another home. I DO NOT
    THINK SO...The kitten was
    probably taken to animal control
    because it was crying, or stolen
    for an experiment or killed by
    a dog.
    Then they get another kitten.
    And, plan to kick it out when
    it gets older. You cannot just
    leave food out for a pet that
    you have given shelter to.
    Of course the kitten is going
    to stop returning...what about
    the cold and the rain and it is

  29. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
    handle the responsibility of raising
    their kids brilliantly. If it was
    another set of parents, I do not
    think Josie would have turned out
    so well. The fact that they learn
    to play music so young and are
    working on college degrees on the
    internet, shows how resourceful
    and positive they are.
    They take great care of their
    cat Milkyway and she lets her cat
    stay inside the house as well as
    outside....The fact that Jim Bob
    without a college degree served as
    a representative is impressive.
    One thing I disagree with

  30. @pga127hunting is not wrong. God put those animals here for us to eat. read the Bible. are the people who have their meat killed by others somehow more holy? no. and there is nothing wrong with eating meat.

  31. Wow so it is true about Jana and Jessa


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