Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Recap: "Fencing Fireworks"

Tonight on 19 Kids and Counting, "Fencing and Fireworks"...

  • While playing a game with animal cards, the little girls ask the cameraman to tell them the name of one of the animals (a meerkat). Josie's response? "It's a mirror cat...with a mirror."
  • Jim Bob takes the kids shopping for 4th of July fireworks. Each Duggar child is given $7 to spend, and everyone but Josiah, Justin, and Jordyn stay within their budget.
  • At their Independence Day celebration, the Duggars set off over 200 fireworks. According to Jim Bob, 4th of July is the one day of the year that his children are allowed to play with fire, and they love it.
  • A friend of the Duggars' invites them to his fencing club to learn the basics of sword fighting.
  • "In our family, fencing usually means building a fence," says Michelle. That's what most of the kids thought when they first heard the word, but most were willing to give it a try. "We thought we'd take a jab at it," jokes the mom of nineteen.
  • The lessons starts off with running and calisthenics. Jim Bob, Michelle, and Grandma Duggar join in on the fun, but the older girls prefer to watch.  "It would be embarrassing," explains Michelle. "They're at that age; everything is embarrassing."
  • "It was just a little too unique for me," says Jinger.
  • After warming up, the Duggars are ready to begin. Grandma and Michelle go head-to-head in what Michelle calls her "first fight with [her] mother-in-law." (To this day, Grandma still talks about how much fun she had.)
  • On the other side of the gym, Justin beats his dad twice in a row. "It's a great way to settle family arguments," says Jim Bob.
  • After the commercial break, Jinger--a talented pianist--successfully plays "Amazing Grace" on two pianos at the same time.
  • Jim Bob rounds up the kids to plan Michelle's 46th birthday party. Grandma, Anna, Amy, and the older girls head to a local craft store to stock up on supplies. They set a clock for 30 minutes and make it out of the store on time.
Tune in next week for the season finale!


  1. Next week is the season finale already?! :'(
    When is it expected to return? Hopefully soon!

  2. When will the next season start? Too bad it's ending already. Thanks for the recap! Was the anniversary and Mackynzie's 3rd birthday filmed?

  3. no way next weeks episode is the season finale wow the the duggar seasons went by so fast i know why they keep doing two episodes a night they need to one episode a night so it dont go by fast

  4. In the TLC press release, I remember it said that we will watch this season as some of the girls begin courting. I've anticipated that since that since the beginning of the season. What happened I wonder? :(

  5. Can't Wait!
    How long has Jinger been able to play 2 PIANOS AT ONCE?! I can't even do that with one piano!!

    How do you play Amazing Grace with 2 hands? If you could tell me I would appreciate it.

    God Bless you all!

    Ps. I left a comment on Jill and Enia and if they still keep in touch with each other.

  6. Did Joy Anna join in or watched with her older sisters? I hope she joined in because it just looks like a Joy Anna thing!

  7. In this episode it looked like grandma Duggar was weaaring pants.

  8. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    TLC has not released that information yet.

    Thanks for reading,
    Lily and Ellie

  9. Hi Lilly and Ellie

    I feel so lucky to be able to sit and Read your blog about the Duggar Family! I have a few questions I have been wondering about for the past week.

    As I watched Duggars Explore Central America,I felt so Happy when Jill made a new friend named Enia. I was wondering if they will still write letters to each other or if they are penpals or something
    and Are there going to be future times when the Duggars will have a Question and answer episode?

    Well thanks again for posting this blog and please see that if you have time to reply please do!

    May God Bless you.
    Sincerely Anonymous17

  10. I wonder if anybody has a "special anouncement" in the finale.

  11. Jim Bob loooked scared of the foil!! LOL He'd be scared if eh had to face off against a Sabre! My son fences(he used to dance which gave him a huge advantage when he started fencing)and he has a definate preference for Sabre! Which leaves a LOT of bruises!!


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