Friday, October 19, 2012

New Photos: Say "Cheese," Duggars!

The following photos were provided by Sheila, a reader who met the Duggars in Farmington, Missouri, on Wednesday. (Thanks, Sheila!)

 Michelle and Josie Duggar

 Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

 Josh and Anna Duggar

 Josiah and Justin Duggar

 Justin Duggar

 Jinger Duggar, Take One

 Jinger Duggar, Take Two

Jinger Duggar (and friend), Take 3

 Jessa Duggar

 Jeremiah Duggar

 Joseph Duggar

 Jason Duggar

Joy-Anna and Jason Duggar


  1. Michelle got a haircut! I like it!

  2. I am disappointed that anyone would endorse such a candidate.

    1. I admire the Duggar's for choosing a candidate that stands up for the unborn and the Word.

  3. Dear Lily and Ellie

    Are The Duggars planing another Honduras Trip this Year? I would like for Jill to visit the friend she made there named Enia. I was also watching Duggars make a Difference and I wondered who that little girl she hugged at the end was. Could you please Reply. Thanks

  4. Everyone is looking great! Josie has gotten so big! Praise the Lord!

  5. Do the Duggars Have any trips planed to Go To Honduras again this year?

    I watched Duggars make a Difference and I was just So thrilled that Jill had made a Friend there. Her name was Enia.

    I was wondering who that other little girl was that was hugging Jill as she read the letter Enia wrote in part 1.

  6. Beautiful family Joy anna turn into beautiful young woman Josie is just a lil miracle and I just love Anna

  7. Love Michelle's haircut. Her hair is still long, but that length is so much more flattering.

  8. Hey Lilly & Ellie,
    How do the Duggar girls perm their hair? What products do they use? Thanks!:)

  9. Thanks for sharing!! Everyone looks so nice! Josie especially! Everyone is so grown up and Jinger is very pretty. <3 Very nice lookin' family! :)

  10. Like Michelle's belted top as well has her haircut (I think she'd look great going to a shoulder length style and allow her hair to for go perming!)! I can't imagine why (a family with wives and daughters) they support Akin.

  11. Thanks for posting the pics!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Don't quit!!
    God bless!
    Catherine K

  12. @Anonymous

    Hi Anonymous,

    The Duggar girls (all but Jessa, who has naturally curly hair) do home perms. You can purchase a kit at most supermarkets.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  13. Love Michelle's top. I think jessa is just gorgeous.

  14. Maybe the Duggars are supporting Akin because they took the time to figure out what he really meant! Legitimate does not mean that there is any rape that is okay or acceptable. He meant a true rape vs a false report of one. For example a girl who is embarassed to tell her family that she got pregnant (consensually), says she got raped instead.

  15. I think they are endorsing him cause he is desperate for an audience and he probably called the Duggar's up and asked them to buddy up with him and since they LOVE the media attention, and figured this would bring more attention to them, they graciously accepted.

  16. Do the Duggars know that Romney/Ryan does not support/ endorse Akin or his rape remark?

  17. I love Michelle's haircut!!! Please more pictures of her new style!!!
    Piper in Centennial,CO

  18. Josh is looking healthier!

  19. Anontmous, please show my a recent photo of Josh looking healthier!

  20. Even though I don't agree with them all the time I support them as a family! I don't support Mitt Romney but I have friends and family who do! They are a great family with morals and values! Its time we focused on us all being different and how we are alike!

  21. Great Pictures!! I love the Duggar family so much!! They are such a great inspiration!!

  22. sorry but anyone who supports a candidate who argues about legitimate rape is just sick


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