Thursday, August 23, 2012

7 New Episodes!

Coming up next on 19 Kids and Counting (and United Bates of America). Keep scrolling to find out what new episodes TLC has in store.

19 Kids and Counting
Aug 28, 9:00 pm
19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Down the Aisle

Sept 4, 9:00 pm
19 Kids and Counting: Duggar Growing Pains
When Jordyn gets her head stuck in the railing, it's Jim Bob to the rescue. Later, the kids meet up with two other large families for pizza and a lesson in pizza dough tossing. Plus, Jim Bob and Michelle head to DC and have dinner with Kirk Cameron!
Sept 4, 9:30 pm
19 Kids and Counting: Duggar Sick Day
Did you know the last 5 Duggar kids were born on TV? Watch as we take a stroll down memory lane and see just how much these little ones have grown. Get a peek at the Duggars' enormous pantry and all the food it takes to feed a family of 21.

United Bates of America

Aug 27, 9:00 pm
United Bates of America: 19 in Training
Education comes in many forms for the Bates family. Watch as Kelly Jo teaches some of the younger girls how to cook. And later, can the boys keep up when Gil, a former state champion, teaches them how to wrestle?
Aug 27, 9:30 pm
United Bates of America: Bates & Duggar Reunion
The Bates Family is heading to Texas for the annual homeschooling conference! Watch as we see what it takes to get 21 people packed, loaded up and out the door for a week-long trip. Later, we see them meet up with their friends the Duggars!

Sept 3, 9:00 pm
United Bates of America: New Editions
Gil and Kelly Jo have decided to take on some new tenants: chickens! Despite past failed attempts at keeping chickens, they're determined to make their land productive. Will the family finally get the bounty of eggs they've been hoping for?
Sept 3, 9:30 pm
United Bates of America: Bates Plus 12
When you have a family of 21, what's a few more houseguests added to the mix? The Bates get a visit from their friends the Paines who are a family of 12. Later, we get a lesson on dating, and the family has one very big announcement to share.

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  1. Hi Lily and Ellie!
    I was wondering after the united bates of America is aired on sept. 3 if you would be able to post the very big announcement?

  2. I am so excited about the duggars coming back! I am not going to watch both bates and duggars tv shows because I want to be careful how much time I spend in front of the tv but I still keep up with the bates on their blog and I can't wait to hear the big announcement.

  3. So exciting! Especially the part about the bates announcement. Thank you lily and ellie

  4. Hey lily and Ellie
    I literally just saw a preview of 19 kids and counting the new season so I was wondering if it was on the TLC website and if you could post it because for some reason the website isnt loading in my computer.

  5. I'm so excited for the Bates announcement. I think Zach Bates engaged because on the episode "38 and counting" he started a courtship with a youn lady.

  6. Looking forward to the new season. I love your show!!

    I'm so respectful to the way you live 'cause no master what you put God first in your live, doesn't matter what tempest you could be living your faith stay intact!!

    Also I love the family values that you have. God bless you all!!

    Best wishes,

    Michelle from Puerto Rico

  7. Leaving me in suspense for the 'very big announcement'!

  8. why do the duggars allow to be photographed ? when is clearly states in the Bible a picture is a graven image. just wondering since they are suppose to be so religious.

  9. I think the big Bates announcement might be that Sarah broke off her courtship with Zack. Those of us that look at their webpage know that but many viewers may not.

  10. Duggars are suppose to be on today show

  11. @Camela Zach Is no longer courting the girl. They broke up

    1. Really? When? How did you find out?

  12. @Anonymous,

    They don't worship those images. The reference in Exodus is referring to a graven image of another god. Don't idolize the picture. Don't put anything before God. God is God. That verse comes out of Exodus 20, right after the "You shall have no other gods before me."

  13. thanks for sharing! Getting your head stuck in something when your little is something I can remember running into a bed poll when I was Jorydn's age!

  14. the big announcement is that sarah ended her courtship with zach

  15. Lily and Elli~
    I was wondering if you knew when the Duggars new season will come out on Amazon. Usually they come out a couple days after they air on tv, but for some reason, they haven't been coming out.
    Thanks so much,
    Melanie Amanda Rivers

  16. Camela, it was on the bates website a few months ago that the courtship had been ended awhile ago.

  17. @Anonymous

    Hi Melanie Amanda Rivers,

    The most recent episodes (season 6a), which aired this spring, are on Amazon. Season 6b starts on Tuesday night, and those episodes should be posted onto Amazon within a day after they air.

    Hope this answers your question,
    ~Lily and Ellie

  18. Gave up cable, so had been subscribing via iTunes. I don't see anything newer than "19 kids and counting, Vol 6". I see mentions here re: amazon and I see "19 kids and counting Season 11" shows popping in. Anyone know if they'll also be on itunes, or is amazon it now? Thanks!


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