Monday, August 27, 2012

Recap: "Bates & Duggar Reunion"

This evening on United Bates of America "Bates & Duggar Reunion"...
  • The episode opens as the Bates begin preparing for the Big Sandy homeschool conference. Kelly gives instructions, and Michaella bustles around packing everything into an estimated 50 bags.
  • They end up leaving later than expected and hit a roadblock along the way...Zach accidentally slams the family's van into their bus (driven by Gil). "Zach felt so bad," sympathizes Kelly.
  • After an eventful night, the Bates pull into a Nashville motel at 3:00 AM to catch up on sleep. 
  • When Gil and Kelly and the kids finally arrive at Big Sandy, they are welcomed by the Duggars with hugs and dinner. "It's always fun when we get together with the Duggars," says Alyssa. 
  • In the evenings, the Duggars and Bates meet up with other homeschool families for music, games, and fellowship. The Bates kids agree that conferences are a great place to meet people, including future spouses. They have used the term "courtship" in the past but now prefer to call it "dating with a purpose."
  • At the conference, the Bates have the privilege of singing, and Gil and Kelly speak to fellow homeschooling parents. According to the kids, hearing their parents speak is the highlight of the week, and Gil and Kelly agree that their kids are their biggest encouragers.


  1. I absolutely Love what Gil had to say about educating his kids. I have to say that I am enjoying the Bates show far more than I thought I would

  2. Thanks for posting!
    God bless!
    Don't Quit on the Lord!
    Catherine K

  3. I like "Dating With A Purpose" better then courtship! I am glad the family's got together!

  4. Hope someone videoed it for youtube!

  5. Anyone know why these new episodes aren't on iTunes - the first 4 were posted right away...

  6. The Bateses appear to be such a spirited, easy going and humble family. I truly enjoy their show and attitudes!

  7. I am enjoying the Bates more, because they seem more real as a family.

  8. I love how they use the term "dating with a purpose". Yet the word "dating" give me jitters. I perfer, "courtship out of friendship".

  9. I love both families, but I might like the Bates a little better because they are southern like me. I have more in common with them.

  10. What games do you play as a family


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