Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Answers to "Name that Duggar"

Here are the correct answers to yesterday's "Name that Duggar" challenge. You sure know your Duggars! Which Duggars do you find the most difficult to tell apart?

1: Jordyn
2: Jessa
3: Justin
4: Jason            5: Jill
6: Jason
7: Jedidiah
8: Jill
9: Jennifer
10: Josiah
11: James
12: Jason
13: Jordyn
14: Justin


  1. I only missed one. I got the twins mixed up! Oops!

  2. Jedidiah and Jason look a lot alike to me

  3. 100% right. Josiah picture was a guess, because he was far off. I love your family. Children are a blessing, and I even had my class pray for Josie when she was born. You are such a wonderful family. God bless you!

  4. Thank you for posting pictures of the Duggars. I did not see any pictures of Jana and Jinger. :( I love the pictures of Jill.


    I almost got all of them right.

  5. to me its really cute how some of the younger ones now look so much like some of their older brothers and sisters did in earlier episodes. Jordyn is looking a lot like Joyanna did in their first house or even like Johanna a couple of years ago and Jedidiah looks a lot like Josiah did in one of the early episodes where Michelle took them to buy shoes at the thrift store. I love watching old episodes and seeing how they've grown. Can't wait for the new season to see how Josie has grown.

  6. I thought that James looked a lot like Jeremiah in that picture with his back turned holding the camera. It was tricky!

  7. yey. I got them all right!



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