Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recap Soon!

Working on the recap of tonight's show. Will be ready soon!

~Lily and Ellie


  1. I as also a RELIGIOUS woman am curious as to why so many people are fascinated by this family, I was raised Amish come from a family 16 siblings and had 15 of my own. I dont get paid to have people follow me around. The body can only take so much I think it is time for her to accept the fact and move on. Thank you Mary Byler Middlefield , Ohio

  2. HURRY! I want to see the latest!

    As for Anonymous, I sense some jealousy in your voice. You need to take it to the Lord. HE is the One who opens and closes the womb, not Jim Bob and Michelle. He alone knows if her body "has had enough". In fact, her ob/gyn was filmed telling of what amazing shape it is in! God is sustaining her.

    Because one is RELIGIOUS does not mean one is a BELIEVER or has a RELATIONSHIP with the Lord, no matter what church you attend.

    We should, as believers, be happy knowing that God has placed His people everywhere, including on TLC, to be beacons of His light to a lost world. I pray for their continued wonderful testimony and for as many children as the Lord BLESSES them with, (because who would want to "move on" from God's blessing!

    I will pray for you, Deborah

  3. Mary Byler, Wow, I think it is cool that you grew up in a large family and also have a large family of your own. I wish that I could have done so. Have you ever thought of writing a book of your life? I think it would be wonderful to read.

    As to why I like the Duggars: Unlike most shows on TV, I am uplifted by watching this show and it makes me want to do better in my own life especially in the areas of respecting others, complimenting people 10 times more than I criticize them, and just having a positive, kind outlook.

    It is also fun to watch the kids, since I have no children of my own, don't know any large families, and seldom have an opportunity to be around kids. I'm enjoying seeing them grow up, they sometimes make me laugh out loud, and I learn a lot from how Michelle interacts with them.


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