Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Michelle: "We Would be Open to More"

In an interview with Rebecca Dube from Today Moms, Michelle Duggar answers the big question: Are the Duggars still "counting"?

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  1. it would be nice if she had one more little girl,and if they do hopefully Mrs Duggar will be ok. It would be a horrific thing if something was to happen to her. I hope she doesn't get to down if she can't have any more, but 19 shes got are wonderful and the grand babies are wonderful to, shes got so many gifts to be happy about, so i'm sure she'll be ok if 19 is her number for ever :) I wish only good things for her and her family, nature be with them xx

  2. She is such a very strong woman, Christian and mother! She is a true role model and a true follower of Jesus Christ! I hope God will bless them through this hard lose!

  3. with the miscarriage it think god is saying enough is enough you alreafy have 19 blessings

    1. God isn't saying enough is enough! God days that children are a BLESSING! Please be more respectful.

      God bless you Michelle! :)

  4. The question is not, "Why would she welcome more?" It is, "Why WOULDN'T she welcome more?" The Duggars have been asked repeatedly why they keep having more babies. It is such A shame that not everyone sees children as the gifts that God intended for them to be. God surely reigns blessings on this family. They are living proof of his love and grace. With God, anything is possible. Even raising 20 kids. Michelle and Jim Bob are not here to please us or seek acceptance from us, but the Lord, and be set apart from the World that they might lead by example and share Christ's love with others. As a young wife and mother I cannot imagine the trials Michelle has fought through. I genuinely wish God would open the eyes and hearts of the critics.

  5. An above commenter said "with the miscarriage it think god is saying enough is enough you alreafy have 19 blessings".

    So when Mrs. Duggar had a miscarriage after Josh and before the twins, was that supposed to be a 'message' too? Does that mean she should have taken that to mean she shouldn't have any more after Josh? Or is it ONLY b/c she has 19 others living and 2 in heaven that you say that?

    Your logic doesn't wash. If a lady has a miscarriage it is not God saying 'No more.' It's God gently saying "This one needs to be in heaven with me. Not this time, dear mother. "

    If He was causing miscarriages to tell women not to have more, then *many, many* women shouldn't be having children.

    The Lord has blessed the Duggars. If God in *His* perfect wisdom allows Mrs. Duggar to become pregnant again, then it is b/c He has chosen to bless them in that way again. He is the one in control. He is the author of life, the opener and closer of the womb. The Duggars chose years ago to trust Him to know the right number of children to give them, and they are not hypocritical enough to go back on their trust and faith now.

    You do not just trust God in the bad times. The God of the mountaintops is still God in the valley.

    My dh and I have been told this saying before and I have heard Mrs. Duggar quote it as well:
    "Do not doubt in the darkness what God has shown you in the light."

    It is easy to believe and trust adn have faith when things are good and wonderful. But when we are walking in darkness, and things are hard, it is not so easy. But that is the time to *truly trust* and *truly have faith*. That shows *real* faith, to trust Him through the bad times, and not waver.

    Mrs P

  6. I don't know where to post this, Lily and Ellie, but the ads on this blog have been getting trashy and I was wondering if there was some way you could change that. The blog is so wholesome and then the ads come up with vampires and women dressed disgustingly. I would really appreciate it if you could change that, because I really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  7. Thank you so much for posting the heart-at-home Conference. I'm trying to go and listen to Meichelle, I think it's great that you do this! Will you two be there? Love reading your blog!!

  8. Yes! they shall be blessed with other children.
    We are claiming it in the Lord's name!
    Que Dios Los Bendiga!
    Miami, Florida

  9. The fact that they are open to more children is a testament to their character: loving, unselfish, faithful to their convictions, etc. The fewer children one has, the "easier" life might be, but life's not all about taking the easy road.

  10. Hi landers,

    Virginia is quite a drive for us, so we will not be able to make it to the Hearts-at-Home Conference. Hope you are able to attend! :)

    We are honored to have you as a reader,
    ~Lily and Ellie

  11. Hearts at Home in Virginia? I searched their website and cannot find the Virginia conference. Where can I find this information?

  12. I totally agree with Michelle that it's painful having people not say anything when you miscarry. People don't know what to say so don't say anything - that just invalidates your feelings. Just say: I'm so sorry!
    That little bit is comforting.

  13. i love you duggar family. god bless you...michelle

  14. Hi Christina,

    Everything you need to know about the VA Hearts-at-Home Conference (March 16-17) is posted on our Appearances page:

    Have a blessed day!
    Lily and Ellie

  15. i wish your family the prayers are with all your family. god bless u all.

  16. I don't find Michelle selfish at all but this world really doesn't know what selfish is anymore! To me being selfish is only caring about you and not what your family or God thinks of you or the road you are going! Michelle is far from selfish how she gives to others, her family and the Lord! The family lives a pure life away from drugs, sex, greed and the party life! Just like Jesus would have if he were around!

  17. Hi Lily and Ellie!
    You mentioned that the Hearts-At-Homes Conference is in Virginia in a comment on this post on February 16th at 11:26 AM.
    It is actually in Illinois.

  18. Thanks for catching that, Bayley.

    The Duggars were at a conference last week in Virgina. But yes, the Hearts-At-Home Conference is in Illinois.

    Our Appearances page has all the right info. :)

    Hope you all have a restful weekend. (We sure need it!)
    ~Lily and Ellie

  19. It easy to be drug free when your morals have never been tested. The kids need chaperones just about everywhere they go. I see no wrong in partying in moderation..Selflessness and parenting aren't related. Plenty of people have kids for selfish reasons. Annoymous Feb15 Kids aren't blessings unless you want them. It is easy to be blindsided when you are young about faith. I grew up in a faith and as I got older questioned it.

  20. Hi Anonymous (at 7:02 AM on Feb 15),

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