Thursday, February 9, 2012

Duggar No-Fail Dinner

Deciding what to cook for dinner is a task that every mommy is faced with. During our July 2011 interview with Michelle and Anna Duggar, we asked Michelle for one easy, no-fail dinner that she makes often. Her response? Chili Frito Pie (recipe below).

"The children love it, and it's good for you," explains Michelle on Nina Frye's Living the Dream Mom radio show. "The beans and the chilli have the protein...the iron and fiber. Everybody likes it, and it's so fast."

"When you're in a hurry and you don't have anything planned, or if you've got a large number of people coming over, it's very inexpensive. We open up a giant can of the chili beans, throw in some ground beef that's already been cooked and seasoned...It's ready in fifteen minutes."

That's another Duggar tip for quick meals on the go. Prepare ground beef ahead of time, and store it in the freezer for easy access.

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Chili Frito Pie

12 (15 oz) cans Mexican style chili beans
2 bags Fritos™
4 c. shredded cheddar cheese
2 small containers sour cream
*Ground beef (optional)

Warm beans in large pot. Serve over Fritos™ with cheese and sour cream. Easy family favorite.

Serves 20.  


  1. Replies
    1. You have never seen a yellow bag that says, Frito chips or Fritos Dip chips!

      You can also take the single small bags and open the bags and spoon the mix in it's also good that way.

    2. My goodness! I still make this! Remember when little we would get the small lunch sized bags. Open on the long side. In goes cheese, chili then more with sour cream! No bowls to wash! Quite yummy!

  2. Hi momto9,

    Fritos is the name of a brand of corn chips made by Frito-Lay. Any type of corn chip will work for the recipe.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  3. What are mexican style chili beans? Are they just regular chili beans in sauce, or a special brand?

  4. not sure how frito's and ground beef are considered good for you.
    I love most of the duggar recipes but will pass on this one!

  5. Nachos are popular at our house.
    I have stage 4 breast cancer, so the kids do all the cooking now, and , its something they like to cook.and I love it too.

    1. Prayers and love for you and your family.

    2. Prayers and healing thoughts to you and your family. x x

    3. Sending you prayers

    4. So sorry, god bless, get well soon

    5. Im praying for you hub

  6. This sounds like it would be an easy pleaser in our home. I might add some shredded lettuce and tomatoes for optional toppings. And possibly use ground turkey instead of beef. But overall sounds like a great recipe that the kids are sure to love! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Replace the beef with shredded chicken. Turns out awesome

  7. Christine - your children sound very sweet. God bless you.

  8. Good for you? Cheese and cream in a meal is not good. However I have tried some of their recipes and they are delicious - fast but not healthy.

    1. Cheese in a meal is not good? Speak for yourself!

  9. it sounds so very yummy! it sounds so bad for you though but good!

  10. I used to make a dish where i would lay a casserole dish with fritos and then can tamales and then homemade chili and then cheese. Ir was good but I have not made it in a very long time

    1. I have not had that version. Sounds wonderful also.
      I make the chili version with canned chili when I don't have any chili meat make up and need a fast meal.

  11. Its also good with picante sauce. Personally I like mustard on it with the chili and cheese and that's all :)

  12. Hi Anonymous (at 12:01 PM),

    Mexican style chili beans are a variation of regular chili beans. They can be purchased at most grocery stores.

    ~Lily and Ellie

  13. Do the Duggars have any recipes that are healthy/don't contain overly processed foods?

  14. @Anonymous

    Try the Duggars' oatmeal pancakes (, oatmeal cookies (, or banana bread (

    You can always cut out sugar and/or substitute oil or yogurt for butter.

    Here are a few resources to check out:

    Hope this helps!
    Lily and Ellie

  15. I understand that these recipes use processed/unhealthy foods. For all of you who have asked why these aren't healthier over and over its because fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive! Processed foods are cheaper. That is why! They have 21+ mouths to feed, using organic products for one meal to feed their family would cost them more than your family uses in probably a week. And please notice that, they also have appropriate portion sizes with veggies and fruit along with it.

  16. Hi
    Thanks for posting recipes! I love anything with ground meat and beans!! I live in Germany and here we almost never eat chips for dinner, only as a treat. My recipe combines ground meat, beans and potatoes, along with fresh vegetables. You need:
    1 spoon of oil
    1 onion
    ground meat
    sweet pepper (paprika)
    can of beans
    can of corn
    tomato purée
    spices: salt, pepper, nutmeg, paprika spice...

    Fry onion and ground meat in a large pot with oil, add spices, add peeled and chopped potatoes and some water, then after a while add chopped sweet pepper, chopped tomatoes, beans and corn. Cook until everything is done. Adding tomato purée gives everything a nice red color.
    You can eat it like this or add sour cream. Enjoy!

  17. fritos are also very low carb. try lasagna i like to make a meatless version.

  18. I love homemade chili...I use dry beans, pintos or red beans, soak a few hours or overnight in cold tap water in a,large bowl with a pinch of baking soda then rinse n strain the beans & put in large stock pot (1 or 2# bag of dried beans double in bulk when soaked & cooked, cover with cold water (do NOT add salt as it toughens the beans)...bring to a boil then lower heat & simmer until the beans are nearly done, about 1 hour. In the meantime assemble the following:

    Ground meat (chicken, turkey or beef)
    Olive or canola oil
    Chopped onions & green peppers
    Garlic chopped
    Chopped fresh or canned tomatoes
    Tomato paste
    Tomato sauce
    Whole cinnamon sticks (2-3 depending on how much beans n meat u r using espground poultry)
    Ground cumin
    Ground chili powder
    Dried chili pepper seeds
    Dried oregano, crushed
    2-3 T. Sugar
    Salt n pepper

    In a large fry pan, brown the ground meat adding oil if meat is very lean, breaking up into bite sized chunks, add onions, peppers n garlic till meat is no longer pink n veggies softened.

    Add the meat mixture to the stock pot of beans (do not drain the bean liquid) then the remaining ingredients stirring to combine.

    Simmer until chili is of consistency you like then adjust the seasonings to your family's liking. Remove and discard cinnamon sticks.

    Let cool a bit then ladle out into bowls. You may want to have small bowls of sliced green onions, jarred or fresh jalepenos, chopped cilantro, 100% real sour cream and shredded domestic cheese such as cheddar or "mexican blend" or if you can find it, Mexican queso fresca (sort of like a feta cheese crumbled).

    Enjoy with a fresh green salad or my fave, coleslaw and a pan of corn bread. No desert needed! Everyone will be comfortably full!

    After supper, I put leftovers in a medim size bowl, cover and refrigerate...makes a lovely lunch next day or you can transform this chili into burritos or tacos...just add shredded cabbage or lettuce, salsa n shredded cheese.

    I always make a big pot of this healthy chili, usually with ground lean turkey, and freeze in plastic quart containers, labelled & dated, to be enjoyed at a later, busier date!

    Sorry about the exact quanities and measurements but I am an "eyeball" cook, lol. But if you are cooking for say 6 people a lb. of ground turkey, a 1# bag soaked beans a chopped onion, green pepper n a couple cloves garlic, 2-15 oz cans diced tomatoes, a small can tomato paste, 15oz can tomato sauce is about right, add your seasonings as much or as little as u like & only 1 cinnamon stick and a tsp or so of sugar to lesson the acidity of the tomatoes n cook till done :)

    I have made this chili for a number of years, originally with ground beef & canned beans. But after trying the dried beans and wanting to make a healthier version I came up with my turkey version and to mask the turkey flavor the cinnamon stick. I have served this for church fellowship suppers (up to 150 people complete with sides an dessert with a budget of $120.00!!) and for a crowd of hungry kids at a school luncheon and everyone just loves it & I get many recipe requests.

    1. Wow! This is really busy!
      I love simple and delicious!

  19. Oh, I forgot! With my saved refrigerated bowl of leftover chili, I often times boil elbow pasta, strain, open a can of sweet corn (or a cup or 2 frozen cut corn and using the same pot I boiled the elbows i, combine the chili, elbows and corn & well la! Chili mac! When is the last time you ate chili mac, lol, its so yummy

  20. Hi, I've been making this recipe for over 30 yrs, only we call it Frito pie. I crush my fritos, and add pinto beans (w/jucie)instead of chili, add a little onion, lettuce, cheese and call it good. And no this isn't the healthiest recipe but only due to the fritos and we don't eat it every day, just occasional and we're okay with that.

  21. Dont used those canned beans..thats nasty..make your own dried beans in advance and freeze. Soak over night..pour off water..then season in the pot with chicken stock..bay leaf..salt..pepper..onion...garlic..when the beans are soft add chili powder and paprika to taste..Very easy

  22. Mahalo Nui Loa for sharing, we have a large family here in Hawaii and fast and easy is always good for us. God bless you all!

    P.S. Mahalo Nui Loa means THANK YOU VERY MUCH in the Hawaiian Language..Aloha! =)

  23. As far as some of you saying their meals are not very healthy. Watching the Duggars, they are very busy people, and not one of them are over weight! And like someone else mentioned, they are portion meals, with fruit and veggies.

  24. do the Duggers make any vegetarian dishes?

  25. Fantastic and simple! I have my family and all the cousins in town. After a long day of chasing children building forts in the woods and 15 mouths to feed. Thank you thank you :) Everyone was happy!

  26. How funny is that a dugger favorite my mom has been making this my whole life grew up on it just without the sour cream yum yum now I will have to put sour cream in too

  27. Sounds good! Wish my kids weren't so picky!

  28. Are there any recipes with whole (unprocessed), organic foods? With all that land the family has they could be raising their own organic fruits, veggies and meats.


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