Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Duggars at NBC Studios in NYC

This morning, Jim bob and Michelle Duggar are at NBC Studios in New York City. They will be interviewed on the Today Show soon.

Happy Valentine's Day!

~Lily and Ellie


  1. if you miss the today show with the duggars here what they had to say, their miscarrage they just had in december and the Woman who Black mailing the Duggars and telling us the new season of their starts tonight.


  2. Just saw the the interview! How movingly they spoke of their loss and their firm belief they will be reunited with Jubilee in heaven. Their deep faith is an inspiration. What compassion they showed the accused woman who tried to extort money for the pictures of Amy. Said they would pray for her.
    Happy Valentine's Day Michelle and Jim -Bob- enjoy your date tonight.
    I am looking forward to watching the show this evening

  3. I loved the video and I hope Jim Bob and Michelle have a great Valentine's Day today!

  4. This breaks my hear that Michelle and Jim-Bob + Family had to go through this. "Heaven is for Real" the book helped me so much deal with my questions and encouraged me greatly. It's great for all ages. I was just wondering if you guys read it. It's a great read! :) We will be praying for you all!


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