Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Duggars and Music

In the Duggar home, it is not at all uncommon to hear the sounds of various musical instruments. When they had just a few children, Jim Bob and Michelle knew they wanted their kids to gain an appreciation for music. Singing brings them together, but what other musical talent do the Duggars possess?
Starting with Josh fifteen years ago, a friend of the family has given the children piano lessons. At age four, Jim Bob and Michelle also have their kids begin weekly violin lessons. But that's not all. Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger also play the harp. Their first harp was given to them from a friend, and they were blessed to receive another last year from their parents. As we see in the Duggar's picture behind the title of this blog, Josh has taken up the piano, and Josiah is seen with a cello.
Michelle Duggar uses music to calm and relax her children and to bring them closer to each other and to God.

What is your experience with music? Does it serve as a relaxation technique for your children or for yourself? Or perhaps you have another method for relaxation?

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  1. I hear Jim Bob and MIchelle constantly saying that if God gives them more children it would be great. If they are truly waiting on God's timing, why are they checking into fertility treatments or was that a farce?


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