Monday, March 1, 2010

Trivia Answers

Here are the correct answers to the recent Duggar trivia:

    1. Which two Duggars had their wisdom teeth pulled in the 18 Kids and Counting episode "Duggars Under the Knife"?  
        Jana and Jill

    2. For how long has Michelle Duggar home-schooled her children?
        Since Josh was 4

    3. How many bathrooms does the Duggars' rental home in Little Rock have?

    4.Why did the Duggars move to Little Rock?
       To be close to Josie

    5. According the Michelle, which of her sons is very shy and quiet?
        Joseph, although John-David also shy

    6. Do the Duggars have TV service? Do they have a TV?
        No TV service, but they do have a TV

    7. Are the Duggars musically inclined?  

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