Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Duggars Under Water" Recap

Hello, readers! It has been a busy week, and we apologize for not posting a reminder about 19 Kids and Counting, "Duggars Under Water," which premiered yesterday. Thanks to all who voiced their opinions on our post about thrift stores. Second-hand shopping is not always easy, but it can sure save a lot of money!   

And now for the recap of the show (and an UPDATE ON JOSIE!)

When TLC checked in with the Duggars, Josie was 39 days old and weighing 2.5 pounds. Jim Bob and Michelle visited their daughter and were thrilled to see her sucking on a pacifier! Josie is growing and doing very well, but since her due date is still weeks away, the doctors must keep a close eye on her progress.

The Duggars recently visited the USS Razorback Submarine, one of the longest-used submarines in the history of the world. The tour had a rocky start for Johannah, who was terrified to enter the submarine. Once everyone passed safely through the hatch, she changed her mind and climbed happily down the ladder, relieved and just a bit embarrassed.

Don't miss next week's episode, "Josie Duggar's First Hug." Michelle has been waiting since early December to hold her precious daughter, and the day has finally arrived! Then, watch as the children explain how they continue homeschooling in their home away from home. 


  1. I enjoyed this episode as Michelle gets one step closer to holding little Josie. I'm really looking forward to the day they can all come home!

  2. I absolutely agree. Josie's early arrival has really allowed us to see their strength as a family, even in the toughest times. Even in a world of when statistics say families don't stick together when things like this happen, the Duggar Family is a testiment to the strength you can have when relying on God.


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