Friday, March 5, 2010

Michelle Duggar and Home Births

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As the mother of 19 children, many people would call Michelle Duggar a "baby expert." So what does this experienced mom say about hospital births versus home births? Her first five children were born at a hospital, but after talking to friends, she and Jim Bob decided to try a home birth. Jinger, baby number six, was born at their house, brought into the world by a doctor and a midwife. Michelle loved begin able to walk around during labor, and she recovered in record time. A few hours later, she was up and able to take care of her new daughter and her other kids.

Joseph, baby number seven, was also born at home. Although Michelle loved the idea of having a home birth with Josiah, baby eight, the Duggars decided to go to the hospital. However, they did not forget about all of the helpful techniques taught by their midwife. By continuing to use these strategies during the births of her other children, Michelle has learned how to make labor easier and more comfortable.

The Duggars loved their experiences with home births, and their son Josh and his wife Anna decided to go that route with their daughter in October 2009. The young couple was very happy with their decision and enjoyed delivering Mackynzie at home.

What do you think of home births? Has your family ever experienced one?
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  1. I think home births are a wonderful way to have a baby for a women who is having a low-risk pregnancy. I have not experienced a home birth personally, but my sister-in-law's sister had one. I think I would be open to having one someday.

  2. I planned to have a homebirth with my first and did have one with my second. For me its definately the way to go. I was so glad to Anna having a good birth experiance and raising awareness that this is an option. I understand that Michelle had a scare and decided to go with hospital births afterwards however it needs to be understood that (here in the UK anyway) it is considered slightly safer overall to have a homebirth over hospital birth if you are low risk.

  3. My 4 bio children were all born at home. My last 2 were water births-- sooooo relaxing!
    I gather that Jim Bob decided they wouldn't have home births anymore. Michelle has never said anything negative about them.


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