Sunday, March 21, 2010

Duggar Trivia Answers!

I am amazed by your knowledge about the Duggars! I will have to make up some more difficult questions next time! Here are the correct answers.
  1. What type of egg did the the Duggars bring home from their field trip featured in the "18 Kids and Counting" episode Duggars Fly the CoopOstrich egg
  2. What language did Jim Bob have trouble with in an episode of "17 Kids and Counting"?  Spanish
  3. How many rooms are occupied by kids in the Duggars' Springdale home? 2 rooms
  4. How old is Josh Duggar? 22 years old
  5. What is the Duggar family motto regarding spending? "Buy Used and Save the Difference"
  6. On what day and year were Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar married? July 21, 1984
  7. What were the Duggars digging for in the "17 Kids and Counting" episode featuring their trip to an Arkansas state park?  Diamonds 
  8. The Duggars have two kitchens, one with commercial appliances and the other with granite counter tops. By what name do they call the second kitchen?  "Pretty Kitchen"
Thanks to everyone who posted answers! Look for more Duggar Trivia in the Future!


  1. I would like to know what curling iron or hot rollers Michelle uses. Also which shampo she uses to save money. She always looks beautiful and know she is not one to spend a lot on beauty aids. We could all take frugal beauty tips from her in these hard times. Please help Michelle!! You are beautiful inside and out. thank you for bringing us a calm and peaceful show to watch at the end of a hard day!! Loving kindness goes a long way!! Keep it up!!

  2. This is for Grandma Dugger. You have carried yourself with diginity, grace and faith. Thank you. how about some of your receipes to share? We would love it! And we love you! What a fine example you are.....Thank are loved


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