Monday, October 13, 2014

Duggars' Flaky Pie Crust Recipe

Who can resist the smell of a freshly baked pie? For all you pie bakers out there, here is a copy of the Duggars' tried-and-true pie crust recipe. Pumpkin pie made with this crust is one of Jim Bob Duggar's favorite desserts!

Flaky Pie Crust

  • 2 2/3 c. sifted regular flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup shortening
  • 6 tablespoons ice-cold water 
  • Combine first 3 ingredients in large mixing bowl. Cut well with pastry cutter. 
  • Add ice-cold water. Cut with pastry cutter, thoroughly. (Always cut; never stir.)
  • Dampen counter with wet cloth, and lay plastic wrap down. Sprinkle wrap with flour. 
  • Divide dough in half, and form each half into a ball. 
  • Roll out on floured plastic wrap, adding flour (sifted) as needed to keep from sticking. 
  • Carefully slide hand under plastic wrap. 
  • Invert pie plate over top of pie crust, center it, and flip. Position it, and peel plastic wrap carefully off. 
Yields 2 crusts

Click here to watch a throwback video of Jana Duggar and her younger siblings baking pies. 

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  1. I like the Duggars because they have that old fashioned quality of just getting the basics right. They have to out of necessity not be extravagant, so we get the essentials to making a good pie crust without the frills and fancies that confuse and complicate! Thanks! It is always interesting to find out how the Duggars do things. Now that's evolution for people, evolving to the most efficient way to use a dollar! Jim Bob and Michelle are really evolved people!

  2. Yum! This reminds me of my family's pie crust recipe. :)

  3. Thank you for the recipe, not all of us have a good recipe for pie crust.

  4. Thanks for sharing, I would like to make this but I would like to know if the T stand for table spoon or teaspoon. Thank You
    Love the whole family and love being able to keep up with you all.
    Love Christine

    1. T is tablespoon
      t is teaspoon

    2. Usually an upper case (T) is tablespoon and a lower case (t) is teaspoon.

    3. A lower case t usually stands for teaspoon, and a capital T usually stands for tablespoon. So, 1 teaspoon salt, 6 tablespoons ice cold water. :)

    4. "T" is for Tablespoon, "t" is for teaspoon. :)

    5. Big T is usually tablespoon, while small t is usually teaspoon

  5. Same recipe as my Mom's!

  6. Anonymous 3, usually a capital T indicates a tablespoon, and a lower case t indicates a teaspoon. At least that's what mom always said:)

  7. @Anonymous
    An uppercase T is always tablespoons, lowercase t is teaspoon.

  8. I just want to thank Anna Duggar for being a good example of a hostess for a holiday meal. I hosted this Thanksgiving on a budget and just went with some of Anna's wisdom such as getting a store pie instead of doing all the baking and fooling with expensive ingredients this time. Maybe next time I will plan ahead and bake a pie and freeze it if I have to. Thanks.

  9. A capital T is always Tablespoon. A lower case t is teaspoon.

  10. @Anonymous

    Hi Christine,

    T stands for tablespoon, and t stands for teaspoon. :)

    ~Lily and Ellie

  11. Replies
    1. Crisco is the brand I use for shortening. You can buy it in a can or sticks. Usually in the baking aisle

  12. My recipe is similar except try using half butter and half crisco with two heaping tablespoons of powered sugar, its a richer tasting crust that resembles short bread cookies.

  13. @momto9

    Hi momto9,

    Most people use butter, Crisco, or a combination of the two. :)

    ~Lily and Ellie

  14. @Noomi

    Hi Noomi,

    Shortening refers to the fat used to make the pie crust. Most people use butter, Crisco, or a combination of the two.

    Lily and Ellie


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