Saturday, September 4, 2010

Duggars and Allowance

Do the Duggar kids get allowance?
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don't give their kids allowance, but they do reward them for helping out around the house. Besides receiving oodles of praise from mom and dad, the Duggar kids earn $.03 per chore. The little ones do about 15 chores each day (making their beds, putting away their PJs, taking out the trash, etc), so that’s almost 50 cents! Not bad for a little tike.
“Now, our older children are looking for the bonuses,” laughs Michelle. “They go above and beyond, and we'll reward that. If they offer to clean the van or mop the garage, we'll give them a few dollars or something to show them the value of hard work and acknowledge their initiative.”

Do your kids get allowance? Did, or do, your parents give you allowance? 

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Anonymous said...

I don't give my kids an allowance. I found when I used to do that they would only do things if they recieved $ for it. I like to surprise them with items or $ when I see they have been working well with out complaint rather than excepting money for everything they do.This works for me and teaches them that family helps each other with chores and tasks whether money is involved and yet they still get rewarded for good behavior:)

Ginger said...

We don't pay an allowance to our kids; but we do pay them for out-of-the-ordinary jobs, like I'll pay them to fold my laundry or to clean my bathroom or to rake the widow neighbor's leaves.

Libby said...

My kiddos are 6 and under. They earn marbles for doing "chores" or other good things. When their jar is full they can cash them. Libby M.

Brooke's Blog said...

we do not plan on doing an allowance, but paying for "jobs" around the house like the Duggars.

adventuresinjannaland said...

We don't do an allowance for our boys - but they can earn money by mowing the lawn and other yardwork, ironing, and doing extra housechores. It works for us!

Anonymous said...

When I was young I could earn money from doing chores. I remember getting 10 cents for brushing my hair and teeth and 25 cents for making my bed. I don't think little ones necessarily need a lot of money for doing a chore because it teaches them to save their money toward something they have been wanting.

Brie W

Anonymous said...

Yes, I gave my 6 kids an allowance so they learned to budget money for the things they wanted. I did however deduct money from that allowance if the chores they were to do, were either not done or done haphazardly. No sense giving them the idea that they will get paid regardless, is there? It seems that this promoted a good work ethic for them.

Anonymous said...

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