Tuesday, July 4, 2017

'A Boy Or Girl For Jill?' Recap

Counting On "A Boy Or Girl For Jill?"
  • A few weeks after Henry’s birth, Jessa and Ben are adjusting to life as a family of four. “We’re learning to take turns….but I think [Spurgeon] is doing pretty well,” says Jessa, relieved that Henry’s birth was much shorter and easier than Spurgeon’s. Replays from Henry’s birth show Jessa being coached and encouraged by Ben, Michelle, and Jana.
  • Ben remarks about the number of diapers and how fast they pile up now that they have two kids. Jill mentions, “I love my baby carrier. It’s one of the best gifts I received.” Jessa contemplates how her mother handled having twins on her second birth and Ben compliments his wife on her patience with two children.
  • Jill explains the similarities and differences between her current pregnancy and her pregnancy with Israel. She and Derick plan to return to Central America and stay as long as they can until they return for the birth.
  • Jill and Derick tell us that during a wellness check-up, their doctor heard something in Jill’s carotid artery. “Anytime a doctor says there could be something wrong, it’s always like, with me? What’s wrong with me?” Jill discusses the possibility that she is susceptible to aneurysms because of a family history of them. They have a follow-up visit to the doctor’s office for an ultrasound and wait for their doctor to tell them the results.
  • Joy visits Austin family and helps make a dinner of steak and baked potatoes. She listens to an audio book on marriage as she drives to Austin’s house. “Austin could pop the question anytime… I have a very good idea of what my answer might be," Joy says of her courtship with Austin. “It’s been really amazing.”
  • Joy makes cheesecake, which is Austin’s favorite dessert. She notes that they’re making much smaller portions for Austin’s family than she would for her own family. Austin’s mother and sister prepare dinner, along with Joy, while the men feed the cows on their farm. “I think because I’ve known them for 15 years, I’m super comfortable with them,” says Joy.
  • Joy observes how beautiful Austin’s family’s home is in the Ozark mountains. “I could see myself living out here sometime.”
  • Austin’s father says about his son, “Joy and Austin make a cute couple….They have been doing things the Lord’s way as far as we’re concerned.” The family eats Joy’s cheesecake, and Austin compliments her on it.
  • Jill returns to the doctor for her results and hears that her carotid artery is normal.
  • In Texas, Jinger indicates that, “Married life has been the best thing ever…. Jeremy keeps everything super exciting.”
  • Jinger and Jeremy talk about the challenges of living in a Spanish-speaking community. “Laredo does feel like home now.” They practice Spanish for the class they are taking by quizzing each other with flashcards. After practicing, they visit a Mexican restaurant to test their skills.
  • Before her ultrasound, Jill speculates on whether she is having a boy or girl. “I kind of think girl.” Michelle and Derick’s mother attend the ultrasound with the Dillards to share the special moment, while Jana and a couple younger Duggar sisters babysit Israel.
  • Once they discover the gender, the Dillards plan for a gender reveal spy mystery game where two teams compete by following clues hidden throughout the house. The younger Duggars put on costumes and divide into teams, with James and Jason as team captains. Jordan finds the bundle and opens the package in front of the family to reveal that the Dillards are having a boy.
  • Austin discloses that he has a buyer for his house and is planning to propose soon.


  1. Yes, cooking for the Duggars requires larger portions but it's good all 4 married girls have reminded us.

  2. Fun idea for the gender reveal! I kept wondering if Josh and Anna were there, hidden away from the camera, or if they stayed away because it was being taped.

  3. I wish TLC would stop rehashing storylines that we know or have seen!! I am glad Jill had her ultrasound though. Derrick looks almost anorexic!! Hope he's better. Please do not go back to El Salvador!! The violence is escalating & it would be wrong to risk their children..I have Salvadoran friends here who hear from relatives there that things are worse.Stay in US!!

  4. So excited for Joy and Austin! They remind me of
    Jim-bob and Michelle. God bless them both.

  5. Jinger and Jeremy really seemed to be having a lot of fun with each other during this episode, which was great to see. It seems like they are really enjoying married life together.

  6. Can you let us know what book Joy was listening to in the car?

  7. Joy without a chaperone?

  8. I really love the continued Duggar shows and I am glad that all the family is making it into the shows! Glad to see Jimbob, Michelle, Kathy, the Forsyths, the younger children, it should be about them all too!

  9. Aw, I felt bad for Derick's mom that Team Pink didn't win this time. She looked disappointed. Maybe next time. :)


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