Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bears and Airplanes

In these deleted scenes from Tuesday's new episode of Counting On, "The After Show," the Duggar siblings discuss two memories from season two which both include Joy-Anna Duggar.

The first is Joy's flying lesson with older brother John-David Duggar. When producer and cinematographer Scott Enlow asks if anyone would feel safe in an airplane with Joy as the pilot, Joy's response is comical: "I wouldn't even get into a plane with myself, right now."

The second scene involves Joy, Jason Duggar, a knife, and a bear. Jason says he "felt like [he] was Daniel Boone."

Photo/videos courtesy TLC


  1. It's really great that everyone is passing along skills they've learned to their younger siblings. I've always wanted to learn to fly, but without a friend or family member that's willing to teach you, it's just way too expensive. However, it's a great skill to have if you ask me.

    God bless

  2. I enjoyed both of those clips and enjoy seeing more of the other siblings. Those were realistic experience's though the Bear segment was a bit dramatic but sweet.

  3. There must be a Jinger Jeremy wedding this weekend. Sure is quiet on the Duggar front and the blog this week. Too busy preparing for wedding? I think wedding is 28th or possibly 29th. 28th is 3 month anniversary from date they were engaged. I think wedding will be Friday the 28th! We will see!

  4. Jill looks so pregnant in that second clip! Look at that. She looks about a month or two behind Jessa. I think this is another one of the reasons they came home when they did. I don't think they said anything then because of the possibility of Zika complications. I think they're waiting for a successful ultrasound. And then I think TLC is going to try to build Season 3 around babies....Jessa, Jill, and Anna.

  5. I missed Jeramy's asking Jinger to marry him, and the video on your blog won't open so can't see it, I am so sad about not seeing the video of him asking her to marry, can you resend that blog so we can see it please. thank you tinker

  6. Hello
    I hope this does not offend you because I truely am not trying.
    I'm a mom of four and I raised them the best way I could.
    I taught them to respect and to be kind to love and to know I will always be there for them No matter what.
    As we all know our children are gifts from GOD and we lay down the paths for them to take.
    They might not stay on the path we want for them but we know that we did our best.
    My question is why do you fear the path you have set for your children.
    You know that you set your children on the right path in life.
    The hardest thing in life is letting our children go and have their own lives from religion to education to where they choose to live.
    Sometimes holding on so hard and telling them what to do with their lives isn't always a good thing.
    Yes you have 19 kids but look at them and really look hard are they really happy or are they just miserable.
    One day when GOD calls you home and you leave this place will they be able to function.
    All I'm saying is y'all are great parents Just remember this You dont want to one day wake up and find out that one of your kids has had enough and left because you didn't have enough trust in them or yourselves
    Who your kids pick to be with is not up to you.
    But you have done the work everyday and you will have to trust them.
    Ok the need to know about their personal relationships is very weird.
    Keep telling yourself this we with GOd have set there path we will have to trust them

    1. They seem perfectly happy to me and they have done a great job dealing with the whole Josh thing. The only one that makes me want to not watch is Ben. I'll never understand what Jessa was thinking. Does anyone know if Ben has a job yet?

    2. don't know what Jessa was thinking?

    3. Ben is supposedly studying Bible courses online, but last they said, the place offering them requires you to actually attend (on their campus) to get your degree. I think the college was in Illinois? Other than that, he may still be doing "odd jobs" for Jim Bob.

    4. Val--I'm with ya on that. I think at least half of it was Jessa's hormones, and a quarter was her want to get out of her parents house, and maybe the other quarter might be him saying he desires to be a preacher one day.

    5. 10:09 PM -- I appreciated your thoughtful comment and agree with you.

  7. Great comment, Unknown.


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