Thursday, October 6, 2016

Recap Coming Soon

"[There are] a lot of variables in courtships that affect the longevity and how long you wait until engagement." 
-Derick Dillard

We want to apologize for our slowness in writing posts and moderating comments over the past week. We had a family wedding in Oregon (Ellie's brother/Lily's son). We did a little blogging while we were there, but our main focus was the event and spending time with extended family that we rarely see.

We're back now, and we're ready to resume our regular blogging schedule. You can look for our recap of Tuesday's episode later today. Thanks for understanding!

As you wait for our recap, here are a couple video segments from this week's show:

Photo/videos courtesy TLC


  1. Awh...I live in Oregon!:) We understand Lily and Ellie, that's okay! Still a huge thanks for all the work you do...we really do appreciate it

  2. Thank yall for what yall do here keeping us all informed on the Duggar family. I know everyone including you two have lives, family and jobs outside of this blog. Get to it when you can and I know that if yall ever needed more moderators there would be plenty of people willing to pitch in and help. Blessings on the new couple.

    God bless

  3. Not much to recap as it was mostly flashbacks and what seemed like dating ads for the older boys! :-O Hope you had a lovely weekend with family!

  4. I just love your family. That's all. I think the way you have trained your children in business is beyond brilliant.if only one of your girls would fall for my son ;)

  5. This is just sad. They're taking mundane events like a flight delay and trying to make a show out of them.

    1. It is, after all, a reality tv show. People complain when they show bigger events and say that they want to see the Duggars "everyday life." You just can't please everybody.

    2. I was thinking the same exact thing!!!! People are going to complain no matter what they do.

  6. Absolutely NO NEED for Jessa, Ben and Spurge to have gone along on this family "meeting trip". Jessa's parents should have accompanied her...none of this "chaperone stuff" needed.

  7. TLC better get their act together or people are going to continue to lose interest in this show! No story line or plot in this episode. The "recap" was thoroughly boring and pointless. I found myself fast forwarding to the end to see what happened with Jinger and Jeremy only to still be left wondering what's going to happen, other than knowing the flight was delayed and the original plan didn't come together. Whoever said "dating advertisement" was correct. Disappointed with TLC, not the Duggar family.

  8. Congratulations on your celebration and we appreciate your efforts.
    Not much to really write about with the material TLC used.
    Hope you have a safe return home and offering many blessings to the couple.


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