Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Duggars Return TONIGHT

Tune in to TLC right now for an all-day Duggar marathon! (Scroll down for showtimes.) The hour-long season 9 premiere of 19 Kids and Counting airs at 9pm ET/8pm CT. (Click here to read a summary of the upcoming season, and click here to watch a sneak peek video.)

What's in store for tonight's new episode?

The family preps for Jessa's upcoming wedding to Ben Seewald. From budgeting to bridesmaid attire, Jessa knows what she wants, but will there be time to get it? And as Jill shares a life-changing announcement with her family, how will the Duggars react? (Click here to view promo pictures.)

Feb 17, 6am ET
A Duggar Leaves Home

Feb 17, 7am ET
Amy's Nashville Dreams

Feb 17, 8am ET
DC Duggars Hit the Road

Feb 17, 9am ET
A Reveal to Remember
Feb 17, 10am ET
Duggars & Mothers

Feb 17, 11am ET 
Duggar Daughter Dates 

Feb 17, 11:30am ET 
Duggar-Sized Wedding Planning

Feb 17, 12pm ET 
Duggar Dirty Jobs 

Feb 17, 12:30pm ET
Duggars Decorate & Diet 

Feb 17, 1pm ET 
Jill Says Yes to the Dress 

Feb 17, 2pm ET
Duggar Girls Go Glam 

Feb 17, 2:30pm ET 
Duggar To-Dos

Feb 17, 3pm ET 
Duggars in Cuffs 

Feb 17, 3:30pm ET 
Duggar Derby

Feb 17, 4pm ET 
Wedding Countdown! 

Feb 17, 5pm ET 
All About Jill 

Feb 17, 6pm ET 
Jill's Wedding 

Feb 17, 8pm ET 
Jessa's Engagement 

Feb 17, 9pm ET NEW! 
Jill's Secret

Photos: TLC/Duggar family


  1. Will the episode be on YouTube????

  2. Pls repost the video.

  3. We take for granted the Duggars. They really are famous. Who else do you know that often times get all day marathons of shows about their family on a international television station?
    I am happy to see them, I think they have a lot to share. I hope, like the Bates were concerned also, that it is always a good thing and does not ''change" them for the worse. It is a special challenge I guess, to become 'famous'.

  4. I think Jill is super pretty!!!!

  5. We recently got rid of our cable contract, is there any way to watch the episodes within a week of them coming out on live tv? Will the TLC webpage that has all the full episodes post full episodes of this season as they happen? I love the Duggars and would love to continue to watch them!

  6. About Alyssa and John Webster: to find their baby registry online just google Alyssa Webster& John Webster baby registry. They are in Florida and due with their daughter Allie Jane in April! Erin and Chad are due in June. Josh and Anna Duggar due in July!

  7. Why do we have to watch a whole day of reruns that we have already seen ad nauseum that have already been broadcast multiple times already for ONE new show tonight? Why can't they show all new starting at 7pm and go from there to catch up with real time. Jill's Surprise? Is no surprise to anyone...is she continuing her midwifery training, expecting? we already know.

  8. It was so cute horse they had a kiss count

  9. Dear Lily and Ellie Just to let you know the video will not play for me it is just a white box thanks.
    Blessings Ashley

  10. Gross!! She keeps kissing him with a mouth FULL of food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi, we are in the UK and your show isnt on TLC here tonight, when will the new series air over here cos we cant wait?

  12. Lucky Jill 😊. She is so cute!

  13. Jill and Derick are a very sweet Godly couple. Looking forward to seeing them become parents.

  14. I wish tlc would post the new episodes on their site like they recently did with last season's episodes so I can watch them. They can still make plenty of money on the ads and there are just as many as watching it on cable. Perhaps there are contract issues with cable companies that prevent them from doing that?

  15. Glad to see this beautiful family back on TV. Their is a lot of excitement going on in the Duggar family it makes it fun to watch. Can't wait to see Jill and Derick ' s baby.

  16. Derick and Jill are sweet together! :)

  17. You know, I think that Jana Duggar is going to end up courting Dan Dillard. I don't even know why, but I just think so.

  18. What are Jill Dillard, Anna Duggar, Alyssa Webster and Erin Paine due dates?

  19. Dan has girlfriend that he's been with for a long time.

  20. Anyone know when the new season will be available on Amazon? Last season was available before it even began.

  21. I do not think Dan D. would be a good choice for Jana, she is submissive etc. and he seems like he is not completely on board with the Duggar beliefs so .... Jana would be living a life style that was not in harmony with her values and up bringing. This is just my impression of what that coupling would do to Jana.

  22. ....and will there be another by Christ ma s, Jessa and Ben?

  23. Is the episode on YouTube?

  24. The kiss count was funny...but sweet

  25. Hi Readers,

    The episodes are each available for purchase on Amazon US and iTunes within a few days of the premiere date. Some are posted to YouTube.

    Lily and Ellie

  26. This Family is a true inspiration!

  27. This family is so precious! Thank you for sharing your lives with us.


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