Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to Michelle, Anna, Grandma Duggar, and all the other mamas out there! In the following TLC webisode, Michelle Duggar shares her favorite Mother's Day memories.

Video no longer available


  1. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MICHELLE AND ANNA, you both are truly inspirational and encouraging to me as a mother (only 3)

  2. Happy Mother's Day to all :)
    - Brittany

  3. Lily and Ellie,
    Is "going the distance for love" on YouTube yet?

  4. I concur completely Michelle. I love the handmade cards & also the sweet & loving sentiments that they now write in store bought cards as they are grown men. I am very blessed to have 2 loving, caring & thoughtful sons. Happy Mother's Day to you Michelle & to all the moms out there who are reading my comment.

  5. Just imagine all the love in that home on Mothers day.Happy mothers day to all.Thank you mother Mary for your son Jesus.

  6. Michelle's mother died when Jana and John David were babies. Perhaps, like me, she finds it painful to talk about/think about her mom too much, but especially on Mother's Day.

    And you have NO clue what question they asked her, maybe they specifically asked her what *she* enjoyed receiving.

    Once again, I'm compelled to ask, why oh WHY do people watch the Duggars or read about them if they don't like them? Do you have nothing better to do with your day? That is just sad. I personally do not have time to watch tv programs I do not like or read obsessively about them and obsessively stalk about online trying to find more and more pictures and information on them. So odd to me!

  7. Anon 6 don't you think Lily and Ellie are the greatest bloggers if they can capture the interest of such a wide audience? Even people that love to hate, love.

  8. So sweet to hear this. A big thank you to all mothers out there!! You do a tremendous job well!!!
    --C.H. Duggar fan from Oklahoma

  9. Hello i m from the Netherland and love your show...when i think of Mothersday I see our twins who brings us koffie in bed and peanuts...yes the morning...The coffee was from day before and was really nasty ... but we drank it.... they were five years and so proud
    Greething Anja


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