Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"A Duggar Loss" Recap

On tonight's episode of 19 Kids and Counting, "A Duggar Loss"...
  • The Duggars travel to New York City to announce Michelle's pregnancy on the Today Show. (Click here to watch the segment.) In the green room, the kids enjoy the smorgasbord of goodies provided by NBC while watching the first half of the broadcast.
  • During the early stages of her pregnancy, Michelle takes extra care to watch her diet, take vitamins, and exercise daily. 
  • Michelle and best friend Cindy visit Arkansas Children's Hospital with Jana and Josie. The doctors and nurses who sustained Josie's life when she was born at a mere 22 ounces are thrilled to see the healthy toddler walking, talking, and blowing kisses.
  • Back home, the Duggars gather in the living room to discuss baby names. If it is a boy, how about naming the child after his father? "I think there's only room for one Jim Bob in this family," says Michelle. "In this world," adds Jim Bob, smirking. But they add the name to their list nonetheless.
  • "This is going to end in disaster," says Jedidiah, as the kids throw out names faster than Mom and Dad can record them on paper.                                                                                                                   
    Jim Bob

  • The following day, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar head to the doctor's office for a special appointment. Soundman Bill Stefanacci will be the secret-keeper until he announces the baby's gender to the entire family.
  • The ultrasound technician searches for the baby's heartbeat. "I could tell by the look on her face that something wasn't right," Michelle tells TLC, devastated by the news that their baby had passed. "Your whole world turns upside down," shares Jim Bob. 
  • The doctor measures the baby at 16 weeks, 1 day; but Jill recalls recording the heartbeat at 17 weeks, 4 days. 
  • After the reality of the loss of their twenty-first child sinks in, Jim Bob and Michelle release their emotions in a heartfelt prayer.
  • Once home, the couple fights to keep their composure as they gather the troops and share the devastating news. "We have nineteen here and two with the Lord," Michelle explains.
  • Jim Bob makes his way around the living room, hugging and comforting each of his children. 
  • In the three days leading up to the stillbirth of Jubilee Shalom Duggar, Michelle pours her heart out to God and to her baby. (Hear her letter to Jubilee below.)
  • "She looked like a little Duggar, just in a tiny form," says the grieving mommy. "We are so grateful for the time that [God] gave us with her."
  • Jim Bob and Michelle invite their family and friends to celebrate Jubilee's short but meaningful life. They also invite the pastor who counseled them as teenagers and officiated their wedding twenty-eight years ago to speak. 
  • After the memorial service, the family gathers at a local cemetery to bury Jubilee. "We needed the closure, to be able to say goodbye," explains Michelle.
  • Michelle chooses the butterfly to symbolize her daughter's life.

    Jubilee Shalom Duggar from WMtek Inc on Vimeo.

    *The song played at the memorial service is "I Will Carry You" by Selah. Click here to listen


    1. What was the name of the song played at Jubliee's memorial? My niece just lost her baby at 12 weeks and I wanted to share the song with her. Thankyou!

    2. @Karen

      Hi Karen,

      The name of the song is "I Will Carry You" by Selah. You will find the YouTube video here: http://duggarsblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/i-will-carry-you-by-selah.html.

      ~Lily and Ellie

    3. I am very sorry for your loss..when I heard about your loss i couldn't help but to cry and pray for you! I am 15 weeks pregnant and going through some complications myself and am scared and do not know what to think. Only time and the Lord will know what will come. Again I am so sorry for your loss my prayers to you and your family. <3. Veronica Raaff

    4. Hi,may god bless you and your family.im very sorry for your loss.We love your show and it took a great deal for your whole family to go threw this,but u shall shee her again in heaven.thanks for shareing your family with my family and hope u can get through this,time heals everything when gods in control. Love all of you all and may god keep his hands over you and heal your hearts.she will be a angel in heaven waitning on you and everyone else who chooses to take god in their heart forever.

    5. Your story is so brave. I don't cry often, but watching this episode was so emotional for me that I found myself crying through most of it. My sister has gone through this struggle and it is something that most people keep hidden. Thank you for being brave enough to tell your story. <3

    6. Im sorry for your loss. I just want to send your family my best regards and I hope that you can heal. she is with god now. she is home.

    7. Very sorry for your loss. I gave birth to my first child on Dec 14th, 2011. I cant imagine him not being here or the pain you feel. My prayers go out to you.

    8. I'm a single, 41 year old, Young Life leader in Montana (from the south) - if I ever have a wife and kids, I hope I have even half your blessings. I am sorry for the loss of Jubilee, but was so encouraged by the testimony of your family during that tough time. I love watching your family. @AuburnMontana.

    9. So sorry for your loss. It is so great how your family looks to the brighter side and are so inspiring even in the sad times you are all in my prayers and wish you all the best.

    10. I just wanted to say I am very sorry for your loss, my heart hurts for you Michelle and all of your family. Your strength, love and faith touched me so much. I pray that you find peace in all of this and God comforts you. Thank- you for sharing your family and being such an example . God bless all of you. From Montana

    11. Thank you for sharing your personal and intimate moment with your family. Watching this episode tonight brought back so many memories as well as tears from when we miscarried our daughter (Avery Lee) @ 14 weeks (she stopped growing @ 12 weeks)7 years ago this last December 30th. The pain in my heart will never go away, but I will rejoice in knowing that she is sitting on Jesus' lap and playing with your sweet Jubilee. God bless you, Duggar Family <3

    12. I have read some of the horrible, hateful, and vial things that have been written about the Duggars and the loss of Jubilee Shalom and how they chose to celebrate her life! I am amazed at how people could be so awful. As a family, we too celebrated the life of our little girl Delaney Reagan in a very similar manner. We had an amazing service and shared our faith and message of salvation, even through a difficult experience in our lives. We lost her when I was 7 months pregnant and I wouldn't change a thing we did to celebrate her life! A wonderful organization, "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" took priceless pictures for us, (I think this is also who took the pics for the Duggars). I agree with everything that Michelle and Jim Bob to celebrate a human life...their child. For those who have never gone through a loss such as this, you should not be so quick to judge. They honored their child, they honored Jesus Christ by thanking Him for her, and they are people of integrity. Thank you Duggars for your unwavering faith!

    13. Thank you for your wonderful faith, and for always pointing you our Father!

    14. Hey there my name is heather foley i live in utah i know what you went through i lost my twins eight years ago to this day i dont think about them but i know in my heart they with god again i just wanted to tell you i am praying for you and your whole family

    15. Your loss hit very close to home with me as I also had a loss at 12 weeks. After years of struggles & complications, My husband & I were recently blessed with the birth of a healthy baby girl. I am so sorry for your loss & I understand how hard it is to go through. May God continue to bless you & your family.

    16. Michelle, Jim Bob & Family

      Tonight’s episode unlocked a heartache I buried 6 years ago when I realized the baby my arms were ready to embrace had not found her way to my waiting womb. After years of trying I almost forgot how to read a positive pregnancy test. As the joy set in of becoming a mother for the second time and my body responded to pregnancy just like it had done almost nine years prior. Many weeks later I learned that my precious baby was not to be. A Dr. appt that was scheduled to be routine sent me to the E.R. for a DNC. The weeping came from such a deep place of grief that it left my husband stunned and unsure how to console me. As a believer I knew The Lord had me in his hands but I haven’t been able to let go of the grief. My spirit was filled as I watched you and your husband pray after the news during the ultrasound. I flashed back to my ultrasound where I learned the news and kneeled on the floor broken. I was missing the prayer. I felt very alone and still do in some ways in dealing with my grief.

      I grieved for your baby and my baby too. My heart found comfort as you reminded me that we will see our babies one day. I shed some sadness and grief through tonight’s episode, and realized how deep I had buried this hurt. I know The Lord can take this hurt but I seem to be holding on and know I should let go but wont completely. Thank You for giving praise back to our mighty Creator and Healer. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

      Seattle, WA

    17. I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful little baby. I know the feelings you and your husband are or have gone through. Unlike you I lost 3 of my girls, 1-3/12 years old and 2-9 month old, to a drunk driver coming home from Childrens' Christmas Mass. It has been almost 40 years since we lost the girls and there are days that still get to me. Please keep the faith and just love the ones you have. We are now working on grandchildren, and love them all with our hearts and souls. Would love to see you and your family out here in God's country, hee hee hee, Seattle area, for a road trip/vacation.

    18. I am sorry for your loss. I want to thank ya all for sharing and tell ya thank you for sharing the joy, pain and grief so well, I don't think anyone else could have done a better job. I have had several losses and ya all summed the rollar coaster of feelings and such for many of us that have suffered a loss. Bless ya all.

    19. This was sad when I read about it in the news, but seeing it was even more sad. I just feel so awful for the Duggar family. I am 21 weeks pregnant, and I can't help but to just be even more thankful for this little blessing and cherish all these days I have.

      And on a much different note, I can't believe this was the season finale already! Seems like it just started! Do you know when the next season will start up again?

    20. This episode was so heartbreaking. I can't even imagine how Michelle was feeling...

    21. watching the show last night made me sad, but my half cousins lost their gramps in 2010 and their granny in 2012 of this month the song that was played at gramp's memorial was the ring of fire by johnny cash he liked johnny cash and the songs that were played at granny's memorial was down to the river to pray and i'll fly away i cried for both for my gramp's and granny.just prayer for half family that are like my for their 1st thing with out thier granny hoildays,birthdays with out at least she was their for 20th birthday.


    22. I would like to convey my deepest heartfelt sympathy to each of you on the loss of Jubilee. Watching your loss brought back memories of our loss 24 years ago. It was exactly the same as you, Michelle, a routine ultra sound. For us having babies was very difficult and our loss so devasting. We have always celebrated Andrew's short life with rememberance and at the time friends thought I was off the wall naming him but he was our child, so wanted and loved. I so wish I had a picture of his sweet, sweet face but I have comfort in that I held him, kissed him and told him how much we loved him. Andrew is our special Angel on our Christmas tree and my angel on my necklace, he is always with me in my heart. God has blessed us with 2 wonderful children and l have 3 in heaven.
      Thank you for sharing your loss that will help others go through their journey of loss.
      God Bless you all.

    23. I am so sorry for their loss. :(

    24. I watched "A Duggar Loss" last nite and I cried through most of the show. I pray for your family often,as i watch each and every episode.What a Blessing you are.

    25. Heaven has gained another angel!
      Rest in Peace Baby Jubilee!
      Que Dios Los Bendiga!
      Miami, Florida

    26. i watched "a dugger loss". it was good. i can't wait for the next season.

    27. I missed it! Thanks for the recap though!

    28. I didn't watch the show because we don't have cable, but I am learning early in life that life is precious. I am 13 and am cinda awaking to the real world and am trying to grow spiritually and in knowledge of things. I guess it is just growing up, but I often think and pray about my future. I don't know what it holds espicially scene Jesus said when he left earth that he would be back soon and it is two thousand years later....so it is really soon. I imagine life is going to be very hard for me and watching the Duggars go through tough times with pray etc I am learning to trust God for everything. I don't know if all this makes since, but anyway. Thanks Duggars for setting a god example!!

    29. (((BIG HUGS))) My heart goes out to the entire family. I have been through the loss of a child, I can understand everything you was feeling. I lost my lil' Joey when he was 2 years old to a rare heart defect, I was 9 months preggo with baby #4 when Joey flew to the skies. The pictures you took & the beautiful memorial was a wonderful way to show people that lil' Jubilee is loved & more important was a lil' person still growing when she grew her angel wings & flew to the Heavens. This is a "club" that NO mother ever wants to become a part of. My thoughts, love & prayers are with all of you.

      God Bless,

    30. I was so struck by Michelle's response while still being on the ultrasound table, 'The Lord gives and takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.' You can't fake that reaction. Their genuine faith in the Lord is real and encouraging. Great examples as how to suffer and grieve with hope. Took a ton of courage to share that with the world.

    31. Michelle and Jim Bob I am so sorry for your loss, this episode made me cry. Prayers for you.

    32. I watched last nights episode and I have to say how strong jim bob and michelle are, they are always so loving and sweet even to those that discourage them because they have been blessed 21 times with children of their own. God bless them and to someone here that said they have a hard time letting go of grief. Yeah I hear you. Bad things happen to everyone, you must move foward and force a smile on your face. I know it hurts to remember but let past pain go and praise Jesus that you can make it through life no matter what. God bless you.

    33. I cried just listening to the letter that Michelle wrote to Jubilee. I couldn't even get all the way through it. I just lost my unborn baby this week so this really hits home. My heart goes out to the Duggar family! It doesn't matter how many children you have, a loss of a baby is still a devestating thing.

    34. Michelle, I am very sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. We lost our first baby under very similar circumstances about five years ago, and I wish you strength and peace as you find your way through your grief for your child. You are a brave and strong woman to be a voice for a loss that so many women feel they must bear in secret and in silence. Our lost babies deserved to be grieved, remembered and cherished, even if we never were able to meet, know and love them in life as we'd hoped. Thank you for sharing your experience--your example and compassion will touch the women who have walked this road and help those who have not understand.

    35. Oh, sweet Duggar family! I bless you all again and again for making a case to the world for "a full quiver". I am 17 and the oldest of eight siblings. 6 are here, one is in the womb, and my younger brother, Philip, is with the Lord.I understand what your children must be going through. When my mother miscarried Philip just this last December, I was heartbroken. I pray that God will strengthen you through this hard time.But remember, He's going to use this for good! (Rom. 8:28)So perhaps this wasn't the most thought-out post, but know that it's from the heart, my family is praying for you, and we want you to keep fighting against worldly beliefs and values with your TLC show! Love you guys! Katie White

    36. Oh, sweet Duggar family! I bless you all again and again for making a case to the world for "a full quiver". I am 17 and the oldest of eight siblings. 6 are here, one is in the womb, and my younger brother, Philip, is with the Lord.I understand what your children must be going through. When my mother miscarried Philip just this last December, I was heartbroken. I pray that God will strengthen you through this hard time.But remember, He's going to use this for good! (Rom. 8:28)So perhaps this wasn't the most thought-out post, but know that it's from the heart, my family is praying for you, and we want you to keep fighting against worldly beliefs and values with your TLC show! Love you guys! Katie White

    37. the format is slightly odd i am just watching it now

    38. Unknown D - 545AAA - 6919March 28, 2012 at 3:13 PM

      Does anybody know if I can buy "A Duggar Loss"? We don't have TV, so I missed it! I would love to see it!

    39. It was very special for me to see Josie's visit back to the NICU.As a 28 week preemie myself it is very special to go back to the NICU

    40. I felt so blessed to watch the Duggars share their journey of pregnancy loss. Our family had a similar experience at 18 weeks along and it hurts.I enjoyed the show and hearing Michelle share her grief and feelings. So many women have felt that way.

      Although our family did not chose to do the big funeral as the Duggars did, we did what was right for our family.

      I know this statement may not go over very well, but it bothered me to hear Michelle say "The Lord Gives and takes away...." That bible verse is written in Ecclesiastes by a man going through great mental torment on what to expect out of life. It is man's feelings apart from living a life full of God. I was always taught that the devil comes to kill steal and destroy and I do not hold to the belief that God decided to give the gift of a child and then take it away. He's a good God. How many parents would give a child a gift then take it away? I think not one. A child is a good gift. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. Those types of things should not be confused as an act of God.

      The saddest part of the show for me was when Michelle was on the table excited to get the ultrasound and then heard the tech say that there was no heartbeat....so sad because I remember those same words. I know it was so hard for her. Their family is such a blessing. I look forward to more shows this fall.

    41. I am so very sorry for your loss, though I have been fortunate to not have lost any of my children, i have seen many of my friends and loved ones go through it. Your in my prayers and God Bless you, your children and your Angels in Heaven.

    42. Dear Michelle, Jim Bob & family, I just wanted to offer my sincerest sympathies to your family. I suffered a miscarriage @12weeks (did not know sex) & a full term loss of my daughter Rachel Elizabeth (Little Lamb & Oath of God) & I can tell you I know exactly what your going through.I was only 21 when I miscarried & 22 when my daughter died & I did not have the opportunity to bury either of my babies but I do know to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. My husband & I were not surrounded by a body of believers & we did not have support so we did not know how to deal with such a tragedy let alone back-to back tragedies!! I am a believer now & so I know I will be reunited with them 1 day. Thank you for your courage & strength!! Please don't ever stop listening for God's leading in your lives as your show is a blessing to me & so many!! I can't wait to meet you, if not in this life then on the other side!!! In HIs love, Mary Beth

    43. @Unknown D - 545AAA - 6919

      "A Duggar Loss" is for sale on iTunes.

      ~Lily and Ellie

    44. God Bless you all. Your family gives me hope in this world. I am a mother and a wife. I am very ill and I struggle everyday to get out of bed. Seeing your family be so strong and hold on to their faith is uplifting. Thank you.

    45. I am so sorry for your loss. May God Bless your family. You give me hope

    46. Dear Duggar family,
      I watched the episode last evening and just wept. I tear up just thinking about it now. Your family is such and extraordinary witness to the world. You are not ashamed of the gospel. You are truly faith filled followers of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Your family is beautiful and you truly understand the value of human life. I am excited to meet sweet little Jubilee Shalom in heaven some day along with my little one. God bless all of you. You are in my prayers. The world would be a much better place with more families like yours. Love, Nancy Minnesota

    47. Dear Duggar family,
      My name is Megan we lost our little Juliene at 9 weeks I chose that name because it was unisex. Until last night I don't think I had allowed myself to grieve. March would have been our little one birth month and I have found myself having a harder time. Thank you for sharing your story. I am a huge fan and am greatful for your willingness to be a vessel for the lord to use. I pray blessings over your and your family. Love Megan Goff Natchitoches,La

    48. The season 5 dvd of 19 kids and Counting is coming out on May 1st.

    49. To anonymous at 1:30 I understand what you are saying and I believe that god allows evil in our lives but that it is a work of Satan. God can test us and cause use to grow from Satans evil scemes.

    50. May peace be with you and your family during this period of your lives...losing a child is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to face....I lost my first baby grace in 99 ..I too had pre eclampsia and had to deliver her at 25 weeks to save my life. She weighed 10 ounces and accomplished so much in her short 18 days here on earth she taught me so much......people have said some pretty awful things about your story and all I can say is I am so sorry you have to read it! Ignorance is not always bliss! I am truly embarrassed for those people! My daughter Grace would be 13 this July and her death still pains my heart...I believe she brings comfort to me when I need it most, at times I'll see a little girl that in my mind looks just like her at different ages and a feeling of peace will cover me and wrap me like a warm blanket! I know its her and I look forward to the day that we will be together...she has a little brother that will be 12 and I'm sure she watches over him as well. I wish you love and joy in your children Grandchildren and future little blessings...I wish I had photos of my little grace but unfortunately all my film was double exposed I only have her after death pictures which I too showed at her memorial service so my friends and family could meet her and know how special she was. Losing a child no matter their age is something we should never have to go thru but I feel peace in my heart knowing that God has a strong little angel by his side. Im so happy Josie beat the odds God must have very special plans for her!

    51. I, too, am sorry for the Duggar family, but how many defective babies is it going to take for Michelle to realize she puts babies in jeopardy to try to continue her baby addiction? Her body just can't go it anymore. It is genetically different now at 46 years of age. She needs to recognize she is in the next phase of her life and that is Grandmommy. She needs deep therapy to be able to pass the baby baton onto her own children.

    52. What do you say at these times? I'm sorry doesn't do it justice. All we can do is keep our believe in Jesus strong, and mourn. But I'm truly sorry for the loss of Jubilee Shalom, may she be in God's arms being rocked to sleep to singing angels. God bless you, and your family.

      God Bless you in this time of mourning. I'll say a prayer for you.

    53. @ Anonymous March 28 3:30PM

      Job 2:1-10

      Job’s Second Test
      1 On another day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them to present himself before him. 2 And the LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?”
      Satan answered the LORD, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.”

      3 Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil. And he still maintains his integrity, though you incited me against him to ruin him without any reason.”

      4 “Skin for skin!” Satan replied. “A man will give all he has for his own life. 5 But stretch out your hand and strike his flesh and bones, and he will surely curse you to your face.”

      6 The LORD said to Satan, “Very well, then, he is in your hands; but you must spare his life.”

      7 So Satan went out from the presence of the LORD and afflicted Job with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. 8 Then Job took a piece of broken pottery and scraped himself with it as he sat among the ashes.

      9 His wife said to him, “Are you still holding on to your integrity? Curse God and die!”

      10 He replied, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

      In all this, Job did not sin in what he said.

      --Everything that happens to us goes through God first. I know that is difficult for us to understand because God is good. But our definition of what is "good" is always something that is pleasant or happy or makes us content. God doesn't promise that we will always have things happen that will make us content. He doesn't promise we won't go through tragic and horrible situations. In fact He tells us the opposite in John 16:33

      -"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

      God promises us that no matter what it is that we go through, He will be there and never leave us!

      Hebrews 13:5b
      - “Never will I leave you;
      never will I forsake you.”

      What happens in our lives is not always about us either. There are many things I've gone through as a believer that were hard. My husband and I miscarried this past October. But God has used these difficult times in our lives to witness to others and to strengthen our faith.

      Genesis 50:20
      -You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

      As Jim Bob's favorite life verse goes in Romans 8:28

      -And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

      God bless you!

      In Him,

    54. if they go for one more...I'd love to see them have a kid named Jarvis Rondelle!!

    55. Normally, I would not respond, but this is to 2 Cor. Jill: My response is because I defend God as I would a dear friend. If someone were to say something truly negative and wrong about a friend of mine, I would feel that I need to say something.

      I have had a miscarriage too- at 17/18 weeks. It was horrible, but I did not attribute it to God. Yes, we have troubles in this world because the world is under a curse, but that does not mean that God indiscriminately points His finger about and declares "You get cancer, and you get a broken back, you get a miscarriage..." Yet that is what it seems happens. I hear time after time that Christians want to say that God took a child or gave someone cancer. God does not get glory in that. The bible says that people glorified and praised God when healings took place.

      I hear the Job response all the time. Read the end around chapter 32 or so when Elihu begins to speak. God did not put His seal of approval on satan attacking Job. Job became fearful for his children and because of that, God's hedge of protection was gone. God did not remove it and say "Go ahead satan have fun..." satan, did not even realize Job had no hedge of protection. God did not suggest to satan that he attack Job, He was saying that he noticed satan on the prowl for Job. God said "he is in your hands" to satan because Job opened the door to it by fear. God did not author it at all. Read the end of Job when Job comes to his senses and realizes his error and then God gives him seven times what he lost. Most people want to talk about Job, but not the victory.

      I am so so sad for what the Duggars experienced. So sad. Not only because I went through the same thing, but because God is the author of life and I know it saddens him when life is lost like that whether through miscarriage or abortion.

      Howver, I do not afree that everything that happens goes through God first. People make choices that can remove God's protection and if that is the case, then the door is open to attack.

      Yes, God will never leave or forsake us, but the bible is clear that He uses His word and the Holy Spirit as teachers, not sickness, not accidents. So many people want to say they grew closer to God because of a tragedy. That may be a byproduct of the occurrence, but people can draw close to God anytime.

      Jesus said He went about doing good and healing ALL who were oppressed of the devil for God was with Him. Jesus said He did God's will and only did what He saw the father do. Jesus never put sickness on anyone, He never caused a tragedy. If that were God's will, then we would have seen that in the life of Jesus because Jesus was God on earth.

      I feel God is not represented correctly when people, under the guise of "God is Sovereign so He can do whatever He wants" or "I gave my life to God so whatever happens from now on is His will" That is not biblican. God is Sovereign, but He won't go against His word. His word is His will. Jesus clearly said He came to undo the works of the devil and our job is to recognize the works of the devil and resist him. The devil is quite clever when he can get people to accept things as God's will and not resist thinking it's God's will.

      Personally, when I had a miscarriage I praised God and said "I know God that You did not do this, but I love you now just like every other day."

      I know this may not get published on the blog, but I just can't stand to see God talked about like He causes and brings horrible events. I hear the words "He allows...." as if somehow God gives His seal of approval. It's not that way. Allowing is not the same as approving of.

      People may go through hard times, but saying it's God's will is a pretty big stretch. God is a healer, deliverer, protector, teacher, friend, help, refuge, strength, provider....Let's not confuse God's work with the devils.

    56. I am so very sorry for your loss and thank you for using your program to teach those who have not gone through such a loss how devastating it is.

      My husband and I lost our baby girl at 21 weeks in April of 2011. We have also had 3 miscarriages. We miss each and every one of them but we also are thankful for the 3 that are here with us.

      I admire your faith. Our loss has really tested mine.

    57. This episode was heartbreaking my thoughts and prayers to the duggar family. :'(

    58. This episode was so sad!
      I like the names Joel, Julie and Jane. I think theu should stick to this names (in case they have another baby).

    59. What a wonderful voice Jubilee has been and will continue to be for the unborn. Her short life brought joy to her family. At such early development, her mother says she can see the family resemblence. God sent Jubilee Shalom with a message to the world and her family has so graciously carried it with grace and valor. May God move the hearts of those who are even now planning to end the life of an unborn child. May Jubilee's message be loud and clear, life begins at conception and no one has the right to take it away.
      I also learned something else from Jubilee Duggar, every unborn baby' s life is woth celebrating and honored in order to bring closure and healing. My sister lost her baby at 25 weeks, many years ago, and to this day I feel a sense of sadness because we never said goodbye. Thank you for teaching me and the rest of the world how to say goodbye.

    60. why cant you be thankful Michelle for the 19 other gifts you have and not ask for more !

    61. This show made me cry a parent losing a child is hard! No parent should ever have to lose a child!

    62. I have not yet seen this show. I do not have cable TV to watch it. Where is the you tube link?

      So SAD :)

    63. I just cried. At least sweet Jubilee is in the lord's hands and is smiling as she looks upon her proud parents and beautiful siblings. God bless

    64. Her sweet little and short life will be deeply missed by all her family but never forgotten,she was loved so much by every one especially her sweet mother who cared for her so much in her short life and if had known this would happen would have done anything to save her small life

      R.I.P Jubilee Shalom

    65. @Anonymous

      Maybe something was terribly wrong with the child and The Lord decided to take the child home. He didn't destroy the life of this child. He just decided that the child would be best in His arms instead of suffering in this world.

    66. The loss of little Jubilee is heartbreaking. :( I can't imagine what emotions Michelle and the family were feeling during this episode and I wish them all the best. The issue I have with the episode is how the episode is produced. The producer didn't seem to have any issue with filming and sharing such a devastating moment for their family. They didn't even offer and explanation to the viewers about why the continued to film or their decision to go on with the episode. In my opinion without telling the audience about how this affected the crew or their showing their sensitivity on screen this is captured in poor taste, and seems as though the TLC is profiting from their grief.

    67. i'am so sorry for her loss. My mom lost 3 babies 1 girl 2 boys. I hope we Will see her very soon.=(


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