Monday, March 26, 2012

Michelle Duggar on Relationships

Michelle Duggar chats with 700 Club reporter Renelle Roberts about her high school love life and her first impressions of Jim Bob.

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  1. He He Just one of many reasons to love Michelle and her wise advice. I wonder if we can come up with 700 reasons we like Michelle? lol. Great clip.

  2. Hi, Duggars! I just have a question for you about my son. He is getting ready to graduate from his public school, and he wants to study biology in college. It's already been a struggle dealing with the "evolution" during high school, but now I know he's going to be exploring these topics because he likes genetics. How do I continue to support him, but also continue to invest in his relationship with the Lord? I see that some of your kids are interested in medicine, so how do you manage "evolution" and Creation? Any Light you can shed would be great! Thanks, and I love your show! Many Blessings. ~ Mike

    1. Try looking up dr. Hovind - Creation science ministry.

  3. People may not agree with the Duggars' choices, but it's undeniable that they really do love one another!

  4. @Anonymous

    Hi Mike,

    Our blog is not run by the Duggar family, but you can email them at

    We, Lily and Ellie, are a mother-daughter team. The purpose of the Duggar Family Blog is to provide factual, encouraging information about Jim Bob and Michelle and their 19 kids and to shed a positive light on their family.

    We are honored to have you as a reader,
    Lily and Ellie

  5. Mike: My husband is scheduled to receive his doctorates in Bio Chemistry from BYU next year and he is a man of great faith who puts God first in everything. He understands that God is truth and Science changes every so often.

    My personal view on evolution is that the reason why all living things have dna similarities is that all living things are created by God.

    There are wonderful religious universities that he could attend and while they may teach about evolution he wouldn't be expected to believe it.

  6. Dr Hovinds website is He has a creation seminar series on dvd. I think 7 in all, well worth the investment. My advice if he comes home with so called "facts" of evolution is, sit down with him and a bible and compare it to Gods word. or, If you dont know or cant find the answer, ask a Godly older person to help you mentor this young man. You can also find some great resources at They have a booklet called "scientific facts and the bible" it's very good. I have a copy myself. But most importantly, cover him in prayer. Try to not let anything get in the way of that prayer time, Even if you pray over the phone with him. Ask for Gods protection over his mind during the classes. Or maybe seek out an alternative like Collegeplus! I hope this helps.

  7. O-K-A-Y. It is OKAY for the recommended President of the United States of America to say "bulls___" on international TV. Wha'ev'a.

  8. ...I meant to say this horse's true colors are coming out.

  9. @Anonymous


    Haven't you ever said something that you regret? I know I have. Sounds like Santorum is human.

  10. Hi, I would suggest, the materials there is well researched and presented!


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