Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Boys Day Out" Recap

This week on 19 Kids and Counting, "Boys Day Out"...
  • Jim Bob and his nine youngest sons (all but Josh), load up and drive to Fort Rock Family Camp for a father-son camp out. 
  • Joy attempts to bake cookies for the guys. Unaware that the convection oven has to be turned down 100 degrees, she burns the first batch. But Duggars don't give up that easily. 
  • "Whenever I make a mistake, I like to go back and just do it all over again," says Joy. Her second batch is a success!
  • After enjoying dinner and fellowship at Fort Rock, the boys head to their cabin. The following day, they are immersed in an intense game of laser tag.
  • When the camera crew jokingly accuses Jim Bob of pushing Josiah out from behind a hay bale, causing him to be shot, Jim Bob replies, laughingly, "I didn't know you caught that on tape...sorry Josiah." 
  • But Jim Bob gets his in the end. Justin, who is on the opposing team, "kills" him twice. The little ones, especially Justin, turn out to be some of the best players. 
  • On the way home, Jim Bob stops at a florist shop--not the typical way to end a father-son camp out. To express their gratefulness for the girls, each of the boys picks out a flower for one of his sisters.


  1. Good Morning Lily & Ellie!
    Have you heard anything new about when/if the Bates episode will be available on iTunes or amazon? I figured if you did know you would have already posted it, because you all are so on top of things ; ) But, just thought I'd check. Thanks you two for all you do!

    God bless you,

  2. Loved it!
    Que Dios Los Bendiga!
    Miami, Florida

  3. Fun episode. Cracked me up when Jim Bob pushed the boy out from behind the hiding spot! Too bad this is the last fun episode of the season. I guess it is short of course to respect their grieving, which I understand and am glad they are taking the time to do that. Love you Duggars!

  4. This episode was fun to watch! At the end of the episode, I noticed Jinger without her braces and I really like her straight hair!

  5. -It was fun to watch Joy bake.I admire her determination.That is a good trait to have.
    -It was funny to watch Jim Bob and the boys play laser tag.
    -Justin really proved the point, Being little does not stop you from being the best!
    -I wish all men had the same opionon about woman in their lives as Jim Bob does!
    -It was really sweet for the boys to give their sisters flowers.

    I saw a rerun of the Bate's show very good

  6. @1Corinth16.14

    Hi Jill,

    We checked yesterday, and the Bates episode had not yet been uploaded to Amazon or iTunes. Perhaps that is because it is a special and not a series (although an 8-week series will air this summer). We will let you know if we come across it.

    Thanks for your compliment! We are honored to have you as a reader :)
    ~Lily and Ellie

  7. I loved at the very end when Jackson asked Johannah if she liked her flower and she said yes! So cute! I thought it was sweet that Jim Bob made his sons pick out a flower for the sisters! I knew Jackson picked out Johannah the flower right away because the are best buddies!

  8. That's what Jimbob gets for trying to stack the team and for bullying Josiah out from his safe cover where Josiah did get "killed". It serves Jimbob right for cheating and throwing Josiah in front of Jimbob to take the bullet for him. I thought parents were to take the bullet for their kids? This was not the normal Jimbob that we see. Karma.

    The boy scraping the burned cookies off the trays made a complete mess and that was not helping but making more work. Who clean up that mess?

  9. Someone really needs to put the new episodes on YouTube. I love the Duggars, and I find it a real shame that I can't watch in England :(

  10. Hello,
    I have not seen the episode yet, I was just wondering if someone could tell me which boys picked flowers for which girl. Please and thank you :)


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