Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Duggars in Space" Recap

On tonight's new episode of 19 Kids and Counting, "Duggars in Space"...

  • While Michelle and Jill stay behind in Israel to wait out Josie's cold, the rest of the family visits Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. They are given mock spacesuits to wear (the real ones cost $11 million each).
  • "There's not any way I'm ever going to be an astronaut," admits Josh. "I should have thought of that fifty pounds ago."
  • Watching her aunts and uncles experience the moonwalk simulator, Mackynzie is eager to give it a try. Moments after being strapped into the chair, she starts screaming. "She definitely was not into the whole out-of-this-world experience," says Josh.
  • Several of the Duggars brave the multi-axis simulator and, despite their history of motion sickness, do not lose their lunch. According to the Space Camp employee, the rider's center of gravity stays in place, making it nearly impossible to experience motion sickness (unless you hold your breath, which has happened once).
  • "Joy is...a young lady now," says Jim Bob."But occasionally she still likes to do tomboy things, like climb on the outside of a spaceship. And she had a great time." Both she and Josiah enjoy floating in midair.
  • During an interview with the crew, Jackson remarks: "Girls don't go up in space. Well, do they?" Johannah smiles and nods. "Oh," replies the slightly embarrassed Jackson.
  • When the Duggars return to Tontitown, Jedidiah pays a visit to Dr. Taylor to have a cyst removed from the inside of his lip. Jim Bob and Michelle have accompanied two other children, Johannah ("Duggars in Stitches") and Jason ("Duggar in Danger"), to have work done by the plastic surgeon.


  1. This episode was sorta boring: They tried to get Joyanna to look like the older girls, and they made HER talk on the whole episode.
    She acted weird.
    Lily, how come there wasn't 2 episodes this week?
    ~Emma Perl.

  2. Hi, I'm so jealous that you guys are lucky enough to be watching the new series. Here in England we have nothing to watch on The Duggars at the moment. Can't wait for this series to be on YouTube. God bless The Duggars, I admire this wonderful family. Thanks for this blog too ladies, at least you keep me updated as to what The Duggars are up to.

    Kim x

  3. It's annoying that the episodes haven't been in chronological order. TLC is just buying time with these filler episodes until they can end the season with Michelle's miscarriage. We all know it's coming and it's what we've all been waiting to see, so they might as well show the miscarriage episode already!

  4. I didn't like Jim Bobs comment about Joy Anna, like she's supposed to morph into this ladylike creature and the tomboy thing is something she'll grow out of. Maybe not! I also think that Johannah doesn't talk as much or show as much personality as she used too. It's like she's already learned to defer to Jackson. She used to be more an equal playmate and sparring partner, now she seems muted...

    1. Yes! I totally agree about the joy Anna coomment! I was like really? Maybe she just likes that sort of thing! Not every girl has to be a girly girl! Hopefully she'll be the plot twist and grow up to have a more masulate career! One cam only hope!

  5. The show was delightful. We met them when they were here in Huntsville and they were all very gracious, immediately warm and friendly just like kin. I'm so grateful that they featured Huntsville's Space and Rocket Center. It is a great museum of some wonderful innovative times in our nation's history. It really is inspiring.

    As for the comments about the girls' roles, I think they are pretty happy within their family. I have never seen disrespect for personal natures of their children, but only the utmost leeway and respect. I think JimBob was a wonderful father to affirm Joyanna's femininity and growing maturity and also to embrace and enjoy her spunk, too. Thanks Lily and Ellie for the recaps and the website.

  6. I like that Joy Anne is still willing to join with the fun! She is turning into a very great young lady!

  7. Joy Anna is 14 and a beuatiful young woman and I think Jim Bob was refering to as she joins the rank of her sisters as a young lady she still has her personaltiy from being squished between brothers.

  8. I am still waiting to see Michelle cook a meal for her family!!! I did see them go grocery shopping, now I want to see her do a laundry for all of their dirty clothes!! Also,why is his sister's daughter using the name of Duggar? why not use her father's surname?

  9. Somebody spoke of Joyanna looking like the older girls...what is the point of demarcation in this family when one is a "little one" and when they are "older girls?" I am glad to hear someone say Joyanna acted weird. Maybe she will be the first one to speak out about the weird-ness of this family. I think Joyanna is starting to realize her ENORMOUS responsibility that is just up ahead--cooking and cleaning for this bunch of boys underneath her age that will do nothing to help her because she will soon be the "older girl" to cook and clean for them all.

  10. AAAHHH!!! I love some of these comments! Made me chuckle. Unless you were born and raised in that family or happen to be involved with that family on a frequent basis, you have no right to be critical. We see so little of their lives on the tv show that no one can make an adequate judgement on their family unless they are around them frequently. This family are raising a family of grateful,hardworking, mature, un selfish and compassionate children. And society is ticked off because they want such well behaved children and they cant figure out how they manage to do it. And instead are raising (to a large degree from what i have seen) ungrateful, selfish, self serving brats. I have enjoyed seeing Joyanna mature into a fun loving, young lady. And Michelle and Jimbob seem to encourage her tomboyish side to some degree. (Michelle herself admits she is a tomboy at heart) but also to not forget that she is a young lady. And at times it's more appropriate to act like a young lady.
    Annonymous March 8 @ 1:22 am,
    If a person only helps someone else out with the expectation for the favour to be returned or thanks to be given, Than they have totally missed the point of being a servant. And they won't be younger siblings forevever, one day they will be bigger and probably will return the favour if they have been trained to be grateful. Looking after children can often be a tiring, thankless task. But the rewards are immeasureable. I do it out of love for my children, not out of selfish ambition.

    Annon March 7 @10pm:
    Michelle has been seen on the show cooking for her family. (Duggars fly the coop and various other shows) It's just that she is usually surrounded by children who are learning and helping her. If i were her i wouldnt cook for that size group by myself on a frequent basis on my own. One of the points of motherhood is to train yourself out of a job. And pass on your knowledge to the next generation. Learning to cook and manage a house is a valuable tool to pass on. But it takes practise. if Michelle has trained them well enough that the house runs well without much of her help. Good on her, she has trained them well. And she has taught them to do it joyfully. This would free her time up to spend more time ministering to others, loving on her children or spending time with her husband.

  11. Mmosely, can you see your own hyprocisy? You said, "We see so little of their lives on the tv show that no one can make an adequate judgement on their family unless they are around them frequently. And society is ticked off because they want such well behaved children and they cant figure out how they manage to do it. And instead are raising (to a large degree from what i have seen) ungrateful, selfish, self serving brats." How much of the lives of other people do you see?????

  12. Trust me, Michelle Duggar works just as much outside of the home as the women you followers bash that "work outside of the home." The only difference--and the only difference between mothers that "work outside the home" and depend on day care is that Michelle has built herself her own day care center. TRUE. TRUE. TRUE.

  13. Further to Anon's comment: "One of the points of motherhood is to train yourself out of a job." Yes, I agree, one's job as a parent is to prepare one's children for life and the role / responsibilities of being an adult and parent. One's role as a parent isn't to raise one's older children to look after the younger children. That's just cruel and wrong, I don’t care if the older children do it “joyfully,” as you claim. A mother and father’s primary and most important role is to love and care for their children, “not ministering to others” or spending time with your spouse.

  14. To answer people about some of the comments i made, I have been around enough families for long enough in my own life to see how the children act at home and away from home.

    To be able to make an assesment of their character. And passing some of the responsibility on to the older children in regard to the younger ones does NOT mean Michelle does not have final authority over her childrens well being and emotional/mental and spiritual health. God holds PARENTS ultimately responsible for their children. The children are there to mentor the younger ones.

    You can criticize me or the Duggars all you want. It doesnt bother me. (and FYI i dont go judging anybody i see on the street or in the supermarket if i come across a screaming child or even a screaming parent. How am I supposed to know if they have had a bad day? or if the child is being particularly difficult that day?) The children know that their mum and dad are in charge, and you can see their love for their parents. I have spoken to people that personally know the Duggars or the Bates family and do not hold the same convictions.And there is no doubt about it. These families are GENUINE. They tell me how much the children obviously love and respect their parents. If you force a child to look after other children and you slack off on your parenting responsibilieties, or are emotionally distant from your children it will show on the childrens faces. (Just look at the founder of no longer quivering etc) Whatever error there may be in ones parenting it is reflected in the lives and faces of their children. I dont see any bitterness or ungratefullness in the lives of the bates or duggar children. And i certainly havent heard of it from those who know them personally.


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